What Does Summer, Short & Sweets Have in Common?

What Does Summer, Short & Sweets Have in Common?

Nothing, except Summer, Short & Sweet is a fun writing challenge hosted by talented author, Susanna Leonard Hill.

Badge created by Loni Edwards

Badge created by Loni Edwards

Susanna said, “The object of Summer Short & Sweets is to keep our writing oars in even as we are caught up in the happy, busy, outdoor fun of summer. We do not want our writing brains to go on luxury vacation because they are SO hard to jump-start when school starts. The Short & Sweets will be little fun exercises we can do together and share to keep those writing sparks flying and to make sure we write a little even while we’re playing whiffle ball, backyard volleyball, and frisbee golf, making sure our toddlers don’t fall in the pool or get swept away by ocean waves or buried by their older siblings in the sandbox…”

For the next 8 weeks, beginning Friday, July 6th (I’m a day late) through Friday, August 24th, writers’ are challenged to submit an entry based on a prompt provided by Susanna.

This week’s prompt is to image a beach, the town pool, or the local ice cream shop, and then list the first five nouns, adjectives and verbs that pop into your brain. Then write a sentence to start a story!

Here’s my list and entry:

Nouns: waves, seagull, rock, camera, bomb

Adjectives: glistening, licked, gooey, floppy, webbed

Verbs: splashed, squawked, clicked, flapped, skimmed

Waves splashed the glistening rock, licking Stevie seagull’s webbed feet. He swiveled his neck. Hey lady, one step closer—

A camera shutter clicked.

He squawked, flapped his wings, and skimmed the lady’s head.

A gooey bomb plopped on her floppy hat.


Yes, I know. I didn’t play by the rules. But hey, I only missed the mark by six sentences.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, I challenge you to visit Susanna’s Blog and join in the fun. You’ll be amazed how easy this is. Did I mention prizes will be awarded? And who doesn’t like to win!

On another note—have you scratched your head and wondered if I’ve deserted my post?

No way. I’ve been busy working on an exciting project.

“Well…what’s the project?” you might ask.

I can’t tell you just yet. I’d spoil the surprise. Don’t worry, I’ll share my news once the Summer Short & Sweets challenge ends.

What are your short and sweet summer plans? I’d love to hear from you.

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27 Responses

  1. I was so excited to see a post from you. My summer fun is based solely around keeping my head above water……..that’s sort of a summer activity isn’t it. Oh and about bending the rules…….well, I can’t judge. Apparently I’ve been there once or twice.

    • Ah, Terrol. If you were my only follower, I’d write just for you.
      Yes, keeping your head above water is a good thing. I’d hate to lose you.
      Thanks for not judging. If you can’t bend the rules once in awhile, life gets stale.

  2. Tracey, you exhaust me! I’m heading out to pull weeds. I can’t think unless my driveway is only sporting fresh looking gravel. Good time to think about this.

    • Hi Marjorie:
      Just the thought of pulling weeds exhausts me.
      When you’re finished, drop by and I’ll let you yank the weeds out of my garden.
      Then you’ll have even more time to think.
      Thanks for your comment.

      • It’s intriguing to think about…I will definitely give it a shot…Have to read over the instructions again…Sounds like fun and good for the brain…

        • That would be great, Karen. And definitely a good workout for our minds.
          Apparently, I wasn’t late after all.
          Each Friday the prompts will be posted and as long as you respond within a few days on Susanna’s Blog, you’re good to go.

  3. Yes that is very true…I need quiet especially for writing…Sometimes when I paint, I play music, but very often I like it quiet and peaceful then too…I wanna hear what my inner voice has to say…It’s just a matter of picking priorities for that time…there is always a choice…

  4. Hi Tracy…I wrote a little ‘short and sweet’ story but cannot see how to get it over to Susanna’s blog…hmmm…

  5. What a great idea…I never thought of posting info about Susanna’s Summer Short and Sweets…and also posting the entry! Love your entry…you have a great sense of humor. 🙂 And I love your descriptive words. 🙂

  6. Cute, funny “short & sweet,” especially the bomb part! Can’t wait to find out your good news!