Week 5 – Summer Short & Sweets Challenge – How to Deal with Road Rage

Week 5 – Summer Short & Sweets Challenge – How to Deal with Road Rage

Yeah! I’m over the hump. It’s Week 5 of Susanna Leonard Hill’s, Summer Short & Sweets challenge.
Sorry, still no sweets.

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Susanna’s rules:

“First, choose an emotion. Second, choose an animal that emotion makes you think of – either similar or opposite.

Pick an adjective that compares/relates/associates your animal to your emotion (e.g. if you chose angry and cat, you might choose hissing, spitting, or twitchy for your adjective)

Write an action filled phrase describing how the animal moves (e.g. if you chose cat you might say slinking, slitted eyes shifting suspiciously)

Write a phrase telling where the animal lives (e.g. if you chose monkey you might say in the crown of the rainforest)

Write a phrase that either tells readers why the animals acts the way it does, or possibly how others react to it (e.g. if you’re writing about an angry monkey you might say screeching for the baboon’s banana)

Put it all together like this:

is [a/an/the] adjective from #1 animal
action filled phrase from #2
phrase telling where animal lives from #3
phrase telling why animal acts that way or how others react to it from #4”

Yesterday, (Friday morning), Week 5’s challenge sat in my inbox.
I rubbed my hands, eager to give it a whirl.
A client called agitated, insisting she needed help choosing fabric.
I’m agitated.
When am I going have to time to write Week 5’s challenge?
There’s no way I’m finding myself at the bottom of Susanna’s list, again.

I showered and dressed (good thing).

Grabbed my decorator’s toolbox.

Lugged it, storming to the car.

Revved the engine and backed out.

Clunk, clunk, clunk.       

Jammed the gear stick into park.

Released the latch on the hood.

Shoved open the door.

Hopped out.

Stomped to the front of the car.

Raised the hood. (Ready for my challenge?)

And what did I find…but

An agitated, stiff-necked, red squirrel

Chest thrust in a challenged stance

Flicking a bushy-tail

Barring teeth sharper than a razor

Nattering like an old woman

Atop a carpeted, grassy drey

Wedged between steamy pipes

Under the hood of my BMW

Guarding winter’s walnut stash

Talk about road rage.

Okay, there was no red squirrel under the hood, but I chucked at least fifty walnuts into the field and yanked out a withered nest. I don’t have a photo of an agitated, red squirrel, and in my agitated state I forgot to take a photo of the walnuts piled under the hood. So this morning, I snapped a pathetic photo of chewed walnuts.

© Tracy Campbell

And to think I was agitated because I couldn’t stay home and write Week 5’s challenge.

What agitates you? What agitates your children? How do you react?

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13 Responses

  1. Before I read you submission I jotted down a few words of my own. I had to laugh because my first word was frustrated. Sounds like our heads are visiting the same mental island. I am so very impressed that you got down to it an wrote your wonderful, picturesque (and inspired) submission. Congrats !!!

    • You know what “they” say, “Great minds think alike, but fools…
      I won’t finish that negative statement.
      Okay, so where’s your little story?
      I’d love to read it. Send it my way anytime.
      Thanks, Terrol

  2. Tracy…this is SHEER GENIUS! I love that you used the emotion of the moment and a true-life event as the material for the challenge…well-done!!!!!!
    Years ago, we bought a new Mazda and parked it in our garage…the next day, the car wouldn’t start and when my husband looked under the hood…there was a mouse nest…YUK!
    What makes me agitated? CLUTTER…which my house abounds with as both my husband and I are pack rats…well, I was…and am trying not to be. 🙂

    • I have to thank the red squirrel for inspiring my “sheer genius”. Thanks, Vivian your comments mean a lot.
      Oh yes, we have lots of mice here on the farm. They build nests in the lawn tractor, the motorcycle, the sheds, the barn, and when winter arrives they find their way indoors. That’s another story.
      As for your clutter, well…you’ll need to hire me. When is the airline ticket arriving?

  3. That squirrel just likes to live in style!! Sounds like the beginning of a great story!

  4. Way to go Tracy!!! When you are willing to be open to life, it is useful and never in the way…Thank You for inspiring all of us…

    • Karen, you come up with the best sayings. Ah…perhaps an idea on a book about “Savvy Sayings”.
      I’m glad I inspire. That’s what I try to convey. Thank you for your encouragement!

  5. What a great story! I loved your description of the squirrel ….my frustration comes out when I can’t find something. It’s just so annoying. I’m really more frustrated with myself, because I’m usually so methodical about putting things where they belong. Now what did I do with my specs???……… just kidding! Blessings Tovah

    • Frustration is such a normal emotion. I learned a good lesson on how not to approach my problems.
      Thank you, Tovah for the commments and your blessings.