I like a challenge, but only when I know I have the time to do my best work.


That “Ha”  is to inform you that I’m not fond of tackling a challenge that requires more time than I have.

Specifically, the challenge our host, Mr. Toast of Creative Tuesdays, posted. The one I gawked at.

Create a piece that resembles stained glass?

Then I spotted the due date.

Ha! I won’t have time to get it done by December 30th.

Two weeks later, I popped in to comment on each of the Creative Tuesdays’ participants.

But to my surprise, I discovered Mr. Toast had just moved the date ahead for today’s Creative Tuesdays.

Sneaky fellow.

With now only a week left, I knew for sure that I wouldn’t have time to draw and paint a piece the old-fashioned way.

And when Mr. Toast mentioned I still had time, I decided to go for it and also try something that was definitely outside of my comfort zone. So I leaped out of my studio chair and landed on my computer chair, (figuratively speaking).

With the aid of two software programs, I was now ready to at least attempt to draw and paint.

So before you cast your gaze on today’s attempt at “faux” stained glass, I thought I’d share my limited knowledge (condensed version) on:

#How to Create “Faux” Stained Glass Using Windows Microsoft Publisher
  • create “New” document,
  • drag the mouse around to create a rectangular box,
  • format (outline) the text box in black,
  • drag the mouse around some more and connect the lines, and then
  • “Save As” a JPEG file.


How to Create Colored Shapes Using Microsoft Paint Software

  • double-click the JPEG file,
  • open the JPEG file in “Paint”,
  • “zoom out” to view the entire piece,
  • select the paint bucket icon,
  • select a paint color,
  • drag the mouse around, again, and place in any one of the 11 shapes,
  • tap the mouse on the head,
  • color appears in one of the shapes, and then
  • repeat the above steps until all of the shapes are colored in.


By this time, I was having so much fun I created a second rectangle, again, using Microsoft Publisher.


  • flip the second rectangle horizontally,
  • create a colored middle border to fit between the two rectangles,
  • add “shapes” to the border, (I used hearts and dots), and then
  • add dash lines (optional) around the edges of each rectangle.


I stared at the screen and scratched my head. Hmm…not quite finished.

Minutes later, two words popped into my head—LOVE and LIFE.

#How to Create Individual Letters Using Windows Microsoft Publisher

  • insert one letter at a time,
  • select “WordArt” —> “Plain WordArt Styles”,
  • a pop up box appears, then type a letter, select the font and the font size,
  • select “Drawing Tools” which allows you to change the “Shape Fill”, “Shape Outline”, “Shadow Effects”, and how-to change the shape of a letter or word, and then
  • “Save As” a JPEG file.


Although it’s not one of my better pieces, I am glad I took on this challenge—a time constraint challenge that required me to leap outside of my comfort zone.

I do hope you’ll leap on over to visit the other “stained glass” art. The pieces are spectacular.

Here’s to leaping into the new year,


P.S. By the way, 2016 is a leap year. 🙂

P.P.S. If you would like to read additional posts about how to create clip art, please let me know in the comment section. 

A TIME CONSTRAINT CHALLENGE FOR CREATIVE TUESDAYS first appeared on Tracy Campbell’s blog.

26 Responses

  1. Oh my dear friend you certainly went into overdrive of learning. Excellent results. I don’t have Microsoft Publisher. Some day maybe. I love the results and thanks for the directions.

    • And I’m tired out after going into overdrive. I highly recommend Publisher if you don’t have Photoshop. I use it for many projects. Thanks, Janis 🙂

  2. I don’t plan to try this right now, but I might later on. I love stained glass.
    Yes, teach us more. You could also make your post a giveaway to new blog followers later on. Win win!

  3. I don’t use windows so I have no idea how it works but I’m sure the instructions are correct.

    sweet creation with so little time. I like the colors and the ‘i’ in life, it makes me think of someone jumping with joy there.

    have a lovely day.
    lissa recently posted..The lady in the glassMy Profile

    • Hi Lissa, I’m guessing you have a Mac? Thank you for pointing out the “i” in “life” made you think of someone jumping for joy. And that would be me because I’m jumping for joy that I accomplished something challenging. 🙂

  4. Tracy, WELL DONE getting this done in time and pushing yourself. Yes, this was a hard challenge I think. We all definitely has to STRETCH ourselves outside of our usual comfort zone..but that is so often when we discover new things and learn how to think more creatively. You certainly did that here…and yet at the same time it does in deed have Tracy stamped all over it. Err…does that mean you are really “sharp?”

    BTw, I enjoyed the pattern on the sides in particular. YUP, you will definitely enjoy the next theme as such. 🙂

    Thank you so much for playing along…and you know, I was sneaky as I had you (And others) in mind that more tie was needed for this one and with the hols and all. I’m certainly glad I had it Took me a long time to do my piece, must say.
    Michael recently posted..STAINED GLASS – New YearMy Profile

    • Thank you for your encouragement, Michael. And of course, I’m “sharp”. LOL I can see it also took you a long time to do your superb piece. 🙂

  5. This is just fantastic!! I went to my windows but only have window’s draw which for the short time I played with it produced nothing. I could not get any of my lines to save into a visible line. Oh well. Time is up.

    Gotta work on memoir revision, my day job.

    Thanks for showing us what time restraints and constraints will do , Tracy. This is beautiful. A living colored prayer. 🙂