Have You Taken A Writers’ Quiz?

Have You Taken A Writers’ Quiz?

I participated in an online writers’ quiz I found on Randy Ingermanson’s website. Randy is an award-winning author of six novels and one, non-fiction book.

I was relieved to learn there wasn’t a right or wrong answer. The purpose of the writers’ quiz was a benchmark to determine where I stood as a writer.

Randy breaks down the writers’ journey into four stages.
1. Freshman
2. Sophomore
3. Junior
4. Senior

Each stage should take about a year to complete. By then I’ll be on my way to publication.

There were five questions. Each question was out of 10. Here are my results.

How long have I been serious about my writing?
Between two and three years – 5 points.

How did my critique partners rate my level of writing?
They say my writing is good. Some days I don’t agree – 6 points

How long was the longest writing conference you’ve ever attended?
I’ve been to a three-day conference – 7 points

How many editors and agents have you talked with in person?
I’ve talked to an editor about my YA novel and she asked me to submit it when it’s done – 7 points

How many proposals have you submitted to publishers or agents?
I’ve submitted a proposal to one agent – 5 points

I received 30 points out of a possible 50. Yeah! That means I’m a Junior and I’m on track.

These points are just an estimate of where I’m headed on my journey to publication.

As Randy says, “The important this is to get published, not to score points on a quiz!”

Take the quiz and let me know where you are on this exciting journey.

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