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How to Spot Twelve Invaluable Doula Traits

How to Spot Twelve Invaluable Doula Traits

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Please welcome back Stephanie Nickel. She’s going to let moms-to-be in on twelve invaluable traits a labor doula should possess. You’ll want to know this before you hire a doula. If you’re not sure what a labor doula is, click through to read this post.

Stephanie is not only a gifted writer and editor, but she also helps deliver precious gifts—she’s a certified labor doula through CAPPA Canada. (CAPPA stands for Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association.) Continue reading “How to Spot Twelve Invaluable Doula Traits” »

What is a Doula?

What is a Doula?

Hi, folks! Indy here.

INDY - NOV. 1, 2012

Last week, Mum told you I’d pick one winner to receive a Juju Band and five of Mum’s adorable greeting cards. 

I had so much fun sticking my nose in Pop’s Harley Davidson Motorcycle hat, and then grabbing a scrap of paper with my teeth.

Indy! Tell the truth.

Actually, Mum pleaded and coaxed, but when those papers crinkled I ran and hid under my blankie. My big brother, Patches, covered for me. He reached in with his teeth and pulled out the winner’s name.

And the winner is…LAURA BENNET. Yay! Please click on the word Mum. I know she’s waiting for your address.

Continue reading “What is a Doula?” »

Do You Need Inspiration to Achieve Your Goals?

Do You Need Inspiration to Achieve Your Goals?

Illustration courtesy of www.imageshack.us

Influence others positively by being a teacher, coach, counselor, or mentor.”

Stephen Post, PhD and Jill Neimark, Why Good Things Happen to Good People

I don’t “feel” like posting today. I’m pooped—worked too many hours this week (12 most days). I have no clue, again, on what I’ll write about. So I scratch my head and think, and think, and pray. Poof! Another brilliant idea pops into my head. Ah, I’ll write a post about bloggers who may not realize what an inspiration and encouragement they are to me. Continue reading “Do You Need Inspiration to Achieve Your Goals?” »

Ten Top Reasons To Attend A Writers’ Conference

Ten Top Reasons To Attend A Writers’ Conference

Stephanie Nickel asked me to write a guest blog on ten top reasons to attend a writers’ conference. Thanks Stephanie. And now I’m posting them on my blog.

After perusing the internet, I uncovered hundreds of great reasons to attend a writers’ conference. Then I thought, why not highlight ten reasons based on my experience at Write! Canada 2011. Continue reading “Ten Top Reasons To Attend A Writers’ Conference” »

Guest Blogger – Stephanie Nickel

Guest Blogger – Stephanie Nickel

One of the reasons I wanted to blog was to encourage other writers. So on that note, I’ve invited Stephanie Nickel to be a guest blogger. We met at Write Canada 2011. Her charming personality and warm smile drew me in like a magnet.

Welcome Stephanie and thank you for sharing all of your “eclectic” interests.  

Scattered? I Prefer Eclectically Interested

by Stephanie Nickel

I want to thank Tracy for the privilege of guest blogging today. Tracy and I met at the 2011 Write! Canada conference and have been corresponding ever since.

I have many interests, as you can see from my brief bio below. And while my numerous pursuits aren’t for everyone, they work for me – most of the time. Continue reading “Guest Blogger – Stephanie Nickel” »