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Creative Tuesdays’ theme is “An Old World Christmas”.

My Christmas scene includes a wooden reindeer on button wheels with a Mommy bunny dressed in a 1950’s-style red coat who is cradling her baby. That’s old world enough for me.

This scene also reminds me of my mother who I love and appreciate more and more the older I get. I don’t know how many more Christmas’ we’ll share, but I pray for at least another thirty years.

A 1950's Old World Christmas - Copyright Tracy Campbell

A 1950’s Old World Christmas – Copyright Tracy Campbell

The red coat I painted also reminds me of a Christmas Eve from a very, long time ago.


“Please, Mom, let me open just one gift tonight.”

She sighed. “Only one.”

I snatched my biggest gift from under the Charley Brown Christmas tree. Off flew the ribbon, the paper, and the bow.

“Yippee!” I darted to the living room window and stared out into the dimly lit street.

The wind yipped.

“Can I go for a walk?” I asked, jamming my arms in the sleeves.

Mom shook her head. “Zip it up.”

“Mom, please!”

“I meant, zip up the coat.”

I giggled. “Thanks, Mom, you’re the best.” I squeezed her waist so tight she gasped.

The side door slammed behind me.

Snow crunched beneath my boots.

The wind howled, making the falling snow swirl in a dance under the beaming street lights.

I ran my fingers down the side of the hood. Who cares if it’s fake fur, I love it!

With a frozen grin, I sprinted up and down the street for hours.


That red coat was the best Christmas gift I ever received.

Okay, it was the second best Christmas gift. The first was when I accepted God’s greatest gift, His Son, Jesus.

And since Christmas is a time for gift giving, here’s a gift from me to you—a free coloring page that you could color or paint to give to your mom or another special woman in your life.

After all,

“There are only two seasons of joy in a year . . . Christmas & Mother.”

But hurry, this offer expires December 31, 2015 at midnight.

May your Christmas be bright and merry,


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P.P.S. For more inspiring art, visit Creative Tuesdays’ blog.

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Thankfulness removes the sting of hardships.

Sometimes, hardships are small like the aching tooth I endured yesterday. (I rubbed Oil of Oregano on my gums, said a prayer, and today, it’s all better). 🙂

Other times, hardships are huge like not having loved ones in my life. 🙁

If I dwell on any hardship, rain threatens to soak my heart.

Instead, I choose to dwell on thankfulness in the midst of my hardships.

And guess what?

When I do, the sun shines in my heart.

So I continue to:

“Sing praises over everything, any excuse for a song to God the Father in the name of our Master, Jesus Christ.” – Ephesians 5:20 (MSG)


A Thankful Heart - Tracy Campbell

A Thankful Heart – Tracy Campbell


And a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my American neighbors.





P.S. Matilda and I are also thankful for the greeting card orders we received. And it’s not too late to place your–> Christmas order

The Way of Love

The Way of Love

It’s easy to tell someone I love them, but do I always show love? Not as often as I should. Yikes!

I’m reminded of a phone call I received. The stranger at the other end had a tiny voice. I strained to listen. I grew agitated because I had to keep saying, “pardon me.”  I’m sure she heard the edge in my voice.

After I hung up I realized maybe I didn’t hear her because I’m losing my hearing (I hope not). I didn’t show love that day, instead I let “self” run the show.

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What Reminds You of Your Childhood?

What Reminds You of Your Childhood?


Our recycled, asphalt driveway.

Fall is in the air. The canopy of trees lining our asphalt drive begins to change. It bursts forth, creating a palette of pumpkin orange, cranberry, and sunshine yellow. It won’t be long before brisk winds blow in from the north. Leaves of all shapes will flitter and float. Hubby and I will haul out rakes, and then gather the leaves into heaping mounds. Our grandchildren will squeal and leap. One, two, three—whoosh. We’ll pile the leaves again, and the cycle will start all over. Read the rest of this entry

Six Items Everyone Needs to Have Hanging in Their Closet

Six Items Everyone Needs to Have Hanging in Their Closet

Summer officially began eight days ago. Yippee! I’m taking a blogging break to finish up a slew of writing and art projects, and I’ll spend time with friends and family, sipping tea and coffee on my porch.

Tracy Campbell - Coaster Tray - I Love Coffee, I Love Tea

Before I disappear for the summer, I hope you’ll lend your support and pop on over to Family and Faith Matters to read my guest post, “Six Items Everyone Needs to Have Hanging in Their Closet.” Now, I’m not saying I wear them well, but I try.

Have I piqued your curiosity?

I hope so. 🙂

I’m sad to report that on December 31, 2014 the Family and Faith Matters blog will be closing up shop. So I’ve attached my original post below. 

Six Items Everyone Needs to Have Hanging in Their Closet


Growing up, my four siblings and I had clothes hanging in our closets, thanks to a dad who worked three jobs and a crafty mom who knit and sewed our clothes (minus the undergarments).

Mom even whipped up a faux beaver coat for me—one to match my childhood bucked teeth. Mom also scoured thrift shops. One time, she unearthed a treasure—leatherette pants that squeaked louder than a mouse whenever I walked or sat down.

I complained that I had to wear hand-made and hand-me-down clothes. Mom said I needed to be grateful, as we were fortunate and blessed. And she said that it was time I learned how to wear a shirt of humbleness.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, at the age of twelve, Mom dropped a bombshell. “Tracy, it’s time you learn some discipline.”

“Discipline?” I headed for the front door. “No thanks. I’ve had enough paddywhacks this week.”

Mom chuckled. “Not that kind of discipline.”

My clammy palm slid off the doorknob. I pivoted on one heel. “What other kind of discipline is there?”

Mom cupped a soft hand under my chin. “The kind you learn when you look for a job.”

“I’m just a kid. Why do I need a job?”                                                                                                             

“It’s time you learn how to handle money. And stop rolling your eyes. Next month, you’ll have to start buying your own clothes.”

And so I trudged down the street in search of a babysitting gig, rolling my eyes faster than a bowling ball lobbed down the alley.

Despite Mom cutting me off (my parents still bought the essentials—boots and snowsuits), I learned how to wear discipline. Today, that discipline helps me manage money effectively.

Mom also told me I’d have to wear compassion on my sleeve. Well, if compassion is what she wanted, I happily compiled. It wasn’t long before I brought home a stray. Not a cat or a dog, but a smelly kid.

Mom wore her kindness on a washcloth. She plopped the filthy kid into the tub and scrubbed her until a black film coated the sides. She included the girl in our family meal, and then sent the kid packing with a garbage bag filled with gently used clothing.

Mom wore quiet strength. Well, unless we kids pushed her over the brink. My mom deserves a medal for raising five rambunctious kids.

Above all, Mom modeled God’s love.

I wish I could report that the six items hanging in my closet are clean and freshly pressed at all times, but I’m still a work in progress.

I’m just grateful for a mom who taught me to “Dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you me: compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, discipline. And regardless of what else you I put on, wear love. It’s your basic all-purpose garment. Never be without it.” (Col. 3:12–14)

How do you teach and show your children compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, discipline, and love?

Until next time,

Tracy :-)

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Have a safe and fun-filled summer!

See you in September.

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