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What are Fur Babies?

What are Fur Babies?

Happy New Year, Folks! Indy here.

I’m glad you asked. 🙂

Fur babies wear furry coats, and they’re members of your family!

I want to shine the spotlight on your fur babies, so I finally got around to creating a Fur Babies page. But I’ll need you to submit the following to make that happen:

  • the two best photos of your fur babies—dogs, cats, ferrets, lamas, and even rats will do,
  • your fur baby’s registered name, if you have a purebred,
  • your fur baby’s name or nickname,
  • your fur baby’s date of birth or the date your fur baby passed away,
  • the breed of your fur baby,
  • your fur baby’s birth weight,
  • today’s weight,
  • other interesting tidbits, and
  • a short story that’ll make me laugh or cry.

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Do You Want to Know More about Chinese Cresteds?

Do You Want to Know More about Chinese Cresteds?

Hi Folks! Indy here.

Mum banished me to the dog house for sneaking a post onto her blog. Okay, so I don’t actually have a dog house. I lived the first year of my life in a crate, and now I snuggle up on the sofa under this blanket Mum knit. Once in a while, Pop lets me sleep with my mum as long as I stay on her side.

Anyway, after scrambling and hiding under the sofa until Mum coaxed me out in her sweeter-than-molasses voice, I balanced on my hind legs, begging Mum to let me use her laptop again. She agreed…as long as I do my posts while she’s asleep. I overhead heard Mum telling Pop she was thrilled that I brought in so many awesome comments. Thanks folks, you saved my hide!

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