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How to Travel All Around the World – Creative Tuesdays

How to Travel All Around the World – Creative Tuesdays

To travel all around the world would be an exciting adventure.

And I’m already on an exciting adventure! I get to travel all around the world, (right here in cyberspace) sharing my writing and whimsical works of art.

Although … when I focus on the destination I stumble … a lot. That’s when I know I haven’t followed the words mapped out for me in my trusty guidebook. Words like the ones I’ve included in my whimsical piece of art for Creative Tuesdays.



Now that I’m back on course, I plan on enjoying the journey. And I’ll …

 “Depend on God and keep at it because in the Lord God you I have a sure thing.”

Isaiah 26:3 (MSG)

Do you focus on the destination or the journey?

Thanks for reading and commenting.

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