How to Spot Twelve Invaluable Doula Traits

How to Spot Twelve Invaluable Doula Traits

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Please welcome back Stephanie Nickel. She’s going to let moms-to-be in on twelve invaluable traits a labor doula should possess. You’ll want to know this before you hire a doula. If you’re not sure what a labor doula is, click through to read this post.

Stephanie is not only a gifted writer and editor, but she also helps deliver precious gifts—she’s a certified labor doula through CAPPA Canada. (CAPPA stands for Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association.)

Take it away, Stephanie.

Thanks, Tracy.

Picking the right doula can be as important as picking the right doctor. The following twelve traits are invaluable for a labor doula:

1. Compassion – I want to see the compassion in her eyes as well as sense it in her demeanor, and then hear it in her voice.

2. Encourager – Without the ability to encourage clients, she will not succeed as a doula. Whether with words of affirmation or a caring touch, a doula assures her client she, indeed, can bring her little one into the world.

3. Patience – She must be patient with her clients and with the birth process.

4. Trustworthy – Clients share personal information. A doula must be able to keep a confidence.

5. Knowledgeable – Of course, clients want to hire a doula who can answer their questions, and she has to know where to find the answers if she can’t.

6. Availability – Being readily accessible goes a long way in developing the client/doula relationship. No one wants to feel like their doula won’t be available when they need her.

7. Strong – She must be physically strong as well as strong in character. Some comfort measures require a good deal of strength and stamina.

8. Maternal – A doula doesn’t have to be the age of the client’s mother, but I’ve found this is a wonderful time of life to enter the profession. I can offer the comfort of a mother figure without the same interpersonal dynamic.

9. Nurturer – This, hopefully, goes along with the previous quality.

10. Sensitivity – Doulas must be sensitive in many areas. They must be sensitive to the mother’s needs as well as to the needs of others: the woman’s partner, the medical staff, etc.

11. Devotion – A birth is almost always a long, emotionally charged event. It’s easy to get wrapped up in it and then burn out, unless a doula is devoted to her profession and those with whom she interacts.

12. Caring – If a woman doesn’t truly care for her clients and the whole birth process, it’s probably best she seek another line of work. 🙂

Please be sure to check out Stephanie Nickel’s Eclectic Interests blog. There you’ll discover the other roles she plays.

Care to share a good or bad experience you or someone you know has had with a labor doula?

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  1. I wish I had a doula or two or three back in the day…wow my life would have been so much easier…….Also I love Love LOVE your Father’s Day Card

    • My hubby was great at the births of our three, but it’s just not the same as having doula. I love the fact that I can actually free up others who are attending a birth just to help in whatever way is best for them. Thanks for commenting. Have a fantastic week!
      Stephanie recently posted..June 2 ROW Check-InMy Profile

  2. Fascinating information, Tracy, and very well told. Way too late for me to have a doula, or my daughter, either, but I’m sure pregnant women will be very happy with this.
    Marylin Warner recently posted..MIND OVER MATTERMy Profile

  3. Great post, Tracy. Thanks to Stephanie for sharing these important traits. My son and his wife just had their little Sophie 6 weeks ago…they had been offered a doula (the cost of hiring one) as a gift from a friend…but opted not to. After a 36 hour labor, I know they had second thoughts about that. Fortunately, momma and baby are fine…but I truly believe that having another woman in the room who is knowledgeable, compassionate and strong of body and the ability to speak up for what is needed would be helpful for any mother-to-be…especially first-time moms.
    Vivian Kirkfield recently posted..Talking to Kids about War: Ships in the FieldMy Profile

    • Hi Vivian,
      Glad you liked the traits Stephanie brought to the forefront. Congratulations on being a grandma again. Wow, 36 hours of labor. A doula would have been a help. Maybe next time. 🙂