Can You Keep A Secret?

Can You Keep A Secret?

I’m beaming like the ray of sunshine streaming into my studio for two reasons.


The Sunshine Award

Joan Y. Edwards sent little old me a Sunshine Award! 🙂

This prize is given to bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere. Wow, Joan, I’m honored! You must have known how much I love getting awards! I’ve added this one to my sidebar. The list is growing. Yay!

As an award winner, I’m supposed to follow three rules.

  1. Thank the person who gave me this award. Check!
  2. Answer the questions that go along with the award.
  3. Pass on the award to 10 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs, and let them know.

Because I’ve already done something similar before, after you read the rest of this post, click through to find out more about me and other fabulous bloggers who inspire me.

Now onto the second reason.

For months, I’ve been sworn to—

MatildaTracy's Bee-u-ti-ful Blog Butterly

Tracy’s Marketing Maven

SECRECY! Yup, that’s right, people. Tracy’s been squirming like a stuffed pig.

Spsst. Crash. Ker-splat.

Tracy just spit out the apple that was stuffed in her mouth. What a mess! There’s apple shrapnel everywhere. Sheesh!

Okay, Matilda, I’ll take it from here.

Yes, children’s author Susanna Leonard Hill contacted me and asked to purchase a piece of my art.

And nooo, it wasn’t to start her own Tracy Campbell Collection of Whimsical Works of Art, but she did want a piece for her new Making Picture Book Magic course.

 Susanna Leonard Hill's Making Picture Book Magic!

Susanna unveiled her magical course on January 9th.

And of all the days she had to choose from, she picked Tracy’s brother’s 50th birthday! Now that’s super-duper!

Susanna Leonard Hill’s Making Picture Book Magic is for anyone interested in learning how to write a picture book for children, and then two, or maybe three.

I’m dying to reveal what I’ve contributed, but—

Tracy doesn’t want to spoil a thing. So…if you want to feast your gaze on Tracy’s newest whimsical work of art, you’ll just have to sign up for Susanna’s course! 

Oh, and did I mention Tracy will be rubbing shoulders with nine other super, talented illustrators who’ve contributed works of art for Susanna’s course?

No? Well, I just did, so puh-leeze visit the sites listed below:

Dana Atnip

Dana Carey

Elizabeth Rose Stanton

Hazel Mitchell

Heather Newman

Julie Rowan-Zoch

Laura Anne Miller

Loni Edwards

Rounding out the lineup is Martha South, who’s in hiding. Apparently, she’s been drawing ever since she can remember, and diving with lively interest and imagination into all kinds of books. She studied art at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design, and has been designing greeting cards and painting storytelling pictures for fifty years. 

If you’ve dreamed of being a children’s author, pop on over to Susanna’s website and sign up today!

You know the drill—if you want to receive Tracy’s free posts by email, just enter your email address in the box under “Sign Me Up!” or check off the box after you leave a comment. And puh-leeze, share her post by pressing the Email, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, or Facebook doohickies.

P.S. Click on the banner below, and you’ll be swept into Tracy’s Whimsical Shop!



Thanks for putting up with Matilda! 🙂

34 Responses

  1. Tracy,
    Congratulations on the Sunshine Award. You deserve it.

    Getting your art featured in Suzanna Leonard Hill’s picture book course is such an honor. I’m so happy for you! Terrific news! I checked out Suzanna’s site and the course sounds awesome. I may decide to sign up myself. Keep shining brightly, sunshine.

    • Thanks for the congrats, Linda!
      You won’t be disappointed if you take Susanna’s course.
      She’s not only an excellent writer, she’s very approachable.
      Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

  2. Awards !!! Published Art !!! That heartfelt sunshine must be heating your home this winter! Congratulations, the best is yet to come!

  3. Dear Tracy,
    How exciting! Isn’t it wonderful to have other people love your work? It’s even better when they want to buy it to help them teach other people about great art work! Oh my! I am very happy for you.
    Celebrate you!
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards
    Joan Y. Edwards recently posted..Why Is Sleep Important for You?My Profile

  4. First, congratulations on your award, Tracy – much deserved, you are very sunshine-y :)! Second, thank you for being such a terrific secret-keeper all this time and for shouting out the news now to help spread the word! I’m so grateful for your help, and even more grateful for your art contribution! Thank you thank you 🙂
    Susanna Leonard Hill recently posted..Perfect Picture Book Friday – A Is For Musk OxMy Profile

    • Awe, sunshine-y. Susanna, I love the words you come up with.
      I sure did have a hard time keeping my trap shut, but I did it! Yay! It’s a pleasure to spread the word. I know anyone taking your course will not be disappointed!
      Thanks for the amazing opportunity too! 🙂