Three Reasons to Celebrate November 11th

Three Reasons to Celebrate November 11th

Hi folks! Indy here.


Today is my second birthday. That’s the first reason everyone should celebrate. Not only was I born on November 11, I was also born in 2011. Yahowl!

My first day in my new home. I'm eight-weeks-old.

My first day in my new home. I’m eight-weeks-old.

Isn’t that the cutest fur baby you’ve ever laid eyes on?

But the most important reason we should celebrate today is because it’s Remembrance DayYahowl! That’s a big howling thank you to Canadian veterans and to all Canadian military persons who still serve to protect and defend our great country.

And I’ll howl one more time to honor all the other veterans, all over the planet, who fought and died in battle. Yahowl!

You see the black and white illustration below? Mum drew it to honor Remembrance Day. Normally, Mum’s muse (bossy Matilda) would have written this post, but since it’s my birthday and because I begged her to let me to do it, she caved.

Lest we forget - Tracy Campbell - Black & White - Canadian Stories - November issue - 2013

Anyway, I mailed Mum’s drawing to a magazine called Canadian Stories. The drawing has been published, and I just got word the magazine should arrive any day. Yahowl! Can’t wait to get my paws on it.

In case you didn’t know…the flowers attached to the wreath are poppies (see the colored version Mum inked and painted below).

Lest We Forget (small) - no border - signature - copyright - Nov. 5, 2013


For Remembrance Day, a.k.a. Poppy Day, Canadian’s pin poppies to their jackets to remember our veterans. The color red reminds us of the blood spilled during World War I. It’s pretty amazing that poppies sprouted and bloomed on soldiers’ graves in Flanders.

Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae even wrote a poem about them. Sadly, on May 2, 1915, he watched another solider die. The next day, he wrote the famous poem “In Flanders Fields,” which wasn’t published until December 8, 1915.

640px-Johnmccraememorialbookcloseup02 - In Flanders Field - John McCree

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Lieutenant Colonel McCrae’s poem (shown in the photo above) was coated in bronze. It’s displayed in his home town of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

I have to sign off now. I’m choking up.

At 11:11 a.m., I’ll be bowing my head in a moment of silence.

Please join me to remember and celebrate the lives of the brave men and women everywhere who died for you and me so we could be free.

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  1. I really enjoyed your tribute to Vets. The puppy fits right in also because he can salute all the war dogs who lost their lives in service. The poem Flanders Field, was one of the first poems I memorized as a child. It still moves me today. God Bless all our Vets, may all their dreams be sweet and lovely.

    • Hi Valerie,
      Thank you so much for the reminder that war dogs played such a vital role as well. Indy thanks you too! In Flanders Field was also one of the first poems I learned as a child. Yes, God Bless our the veterans for sure.
      I hope you’ll be back.

    • Yahowl! Thanks Ms. Cho. Love Indy.
      Tina, I’m pleased you liked my poppy wreath!
      The poem is such a great reminder that had it not been for veterans and those still posted, we wouldn’t enjoy the freedom we do.
      Happy Remembrance Day!

  2. That is a beautiful picture that your mom made, Indie! I’m happy it’s in a magazine. That will be exciting. Congratulations! I hope your birthday has been a fun one. You were and are a cutie pie!

    Love and birthday licks,

    • Howdy Cupcake,
      Mum’s tickled pink her art made it into another magazine.
      Mum worked today, so she hasn’t given me the attention I deserve. Boo hoo.
      I think you’re cute too, Cupcake. 🙂

    • Hello Ms. Warner,
      Indy here! I’m glad I made you laugh and that you thought my mum’s tribute was lovely.
      She’s sending you a big hug.
      Bye for now.

    • Hi Catherine,
      Thanks so much for the congrats on my published wreath. Coming from you, a talented artist, I’m thrilled.
      And the poppy you painted for Remembrance Day was super too!
      Thanks again! 🙂