Ready to Enhance Your Quiet Time?

Ready to Enhance Your Quiet Time?

Hi, Folks!


It’s me, Indy. Tracy Campbell’s adorable fur baby!

My mum needs my help, again. Before I get to that though, I thought you’d like to know a bit about Mum’s prayer journaling journey.

* * *

A Snippet of My Prayer Journaling Journey

For the past five years, I’ve been talking to God on paper. I also talk out loud to God throughout the day. My journals are a tool I use to help express my gratitude and to count my many blessings. It’s a way to share pressing problems, ask for forgiveness, and to pray for others. If you took a peek inside my journals, you’d also discover worship tunes, (none that I’ve written), Bible verses, and art doodles.

When I look back through my prayer journals, I get a clear picture of just how intricately involved God is in my every-day-walking-around-life. I still marvel at the oodles of answered prayers. My prayer requests are also answered with resounding “NO’s”. During those times of disappointment, I still thank God because He knows what’s best for me. My prayer journaling journey has certainly enhanced and deepened my walk with my heavenly Father. Now, I’m excited to start using the journal I’ve created.

Two weeks ago, I was all set to announce that Talk with God Color Your Day: A Calm Coloring Prayer Journal was up for grabs on Amazon, but an unfortunate email thwarted the announcement.

Hours after the journal went live on Amazon, the Big Gorilla stated, “The content of your book is not in a language we support.”

“It is in English?” I responded.

I’m happy to report the mess is all sorted out.

Perhaps you’ve figured out the format in Talk with God Color Your Day: A Calm Coloring Prayer Journal. And if you don’t have a clue, below are some of the—

  * * *

“Mum wait! It’s my job to reveal some of that content.”

“My apologies, Indy! The floor is all yours.”

* * *

Finally, I get to share some of the black-and-white sample pages. Mum added color to the background pages to enhance your viewing pleasure.

Before you head on over to Amazon to . . .

. . . I want to share these two adorable photos my mum just received.

Mum received permission to post this photo.

Mum received permission to post this photo too.

The adorable girl with the sweet smile is Julie. Her Grandma surprised her with a copy of Talk with God Color Your Day: A Calm Coloring Prayer Journal. My mum was totally surprised!

Ready to Enhance Your Quiet Time?

My mum’s prayer is that this Calm Coloring Prayer Journal will also bring a smile to your lips when you use it to enhance your quiet time.

If you’ve never made the time to get to know our amazing Creator God, we hope you’ll start today. Life is short . . . eternity is long.

Gotta run. It’s naptime, again.


P.S. Order in time for Christmas through,, or

P.S. While you’re shopping, drop by Virginia Wright’s Amazon Author Page. Virginia is a multi-genre best-selling author, award-winning illustrator, and nature photographer. And she’s Julie’s Grandma!

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