If you are concerned about how your data is collected and stored on this website, keep reading.

GDPR Compliance

Your personal information will not be sold or shared with any third parties under any circumstances. Your information shall be retained until you unsubscribe or ask for your data to be removed. If you do not consent to the above, please do not leave a comment.


When you leave a comment, the data shown in the comments form is collected to help with spam detection. Also, WordPress stores your Gravatar name, IP Address, comment, and email address. Therefore, leaving a comment is considered a clear affirmative, specific, and unambiguous action as defined by the GDPR giving consent to store this information, and permission to contact you in the future by email.

An anonymized string created from your email address (also called a hash) may be provided to the Gravatar service to see if you are using it. The Gravatar service privacy policy is available here: https://automattic.com/privacy/. After approval of your comment, your profile picture is visible to the public in the context of your comment.


Any cookies on this website are used to ensure normal website functions (for instance, YouTube videos won’t work without their own identifiers). These cookies cannot be switched off because the website wouldn’t work properly anymore. However, these identifiers do not store any personal data.

Children’s Privacy

The information on this website is also suitable for readers who are minors. However, it is not Tracy’s intention to collect data from people who are underage. If, unbeknownst to Tracy, she has collected the data of a minor, and you, being their parent or guardian, feel concerned, please Message Tracy immediately so she can delete their private information.

Additional Information

Tracy sells whimsical works of art on this website through a secure web-based platform. Should you have any concerns about your data, read their Commitment to GDPR.

This policy may be updated in future without necessarily notifying subscribers. If you are concerned about any future changes, please check this page from time to time.

Author Nicholas C. Rossi was kind enough to let Tracy borrow some of the above information. To learn more about the GDPR, read Nicholas C. Rossi’s original post.

This page was updated in 2020.