Poetry or Prose Contest – Happy Birthday! You’re One

Poetry or Prose Contest – Happy Birthday! You’re One

Susanna Leonard Hill, a published children’s author, is running a contest. The rules stipulate that entrants write a children’s story about a very creative and/or unique birthday celebration in 300 words or less in either poetry or prose. The entry must be posted on their blog between Saturday, May 19th, and Tuesday, May 22, 2012.

So I’m taking the plunge and entering Happy Birthday! You’re One. This poem is one of twelve that I’ve written for my baby’s first year record book. I’ve also included the illustration that inspired this poem, and which appears in the book. The artwork made its debut in my previously published calendar.

Happy Birthday! You’re One


I shoved invitations through a thin little slot,

The envelopes slid down the chute, mailing the lot.

I poked, emailed, and sent out oodles of tweets,

So family and friends could have a bash in the street.


I yanked open the oven, pulled out steamy, hot buns,

Then swirled icing on a sponge cake no one would shun.

I dressed you in bright colors of green and red,

And plunked a cone hat on top of your soft, downy head.


The guests arrived bearing gifts of all kinds,

You squealed with delight, ‘cuz you sure didn’t mind.

We whacked the piñatas, spilling candies galore.

Then you licked a lolly and plopped to the floor.


 I flipped hotdogs and burgers on our new barbecue,

Then I blew out your candle before you turned two.

Your eyelids did droop, though horns they did toot,

Time to dole out bags packed with loads of fun loot.


The sun disappeared out of our sight for the night.

 I kissed your cheek and tucked you in tight.

“Happy Birthday,” I hummed, “my sweet, little pet,

Today you turned one, a birthday I’ll never forget.”


Happy Birthday! You’re One

The finalists’ poetry or prose will be posted on Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog for you to vote on starting Monday, May 28th, and will stay up throughout Tuesday.

And here’s my blurb that I’ll submit to an agent. Don’t hold your breathe. It’s a lengthy process that will test my endurance.

Our Story—You & Me is sprinkled with quaint quotes and brimming with quirky rhymes that mirror my whimsical works of art. This unique diaper bag-sized keepsake book will appeal to mommies and expectant mommies who want to capture the milestones of their baby’s first year.

The book is unique in that it elevates a record book to an early-reader storybook a mom can read to her child. In the years to follow, they’ll giggle together, poring over candid photos of things like a toothless grin, wobbly first steps, the ultrasound, and other special moments. There’s a bonus envelope to preserve a lock of hair, a hospital bracelet, and immunization records.

Have an awesome long weekend!

  This poem and artwork is the property of the author. Please do not re-print or re-post.

31 Responses

  1. Loved your poem and sweet surprise ending. So cute and reminds me of when my sons turned one. It is a wonderful time. Thanks for being brave and going as one of the first to post. 🙂

    • I’m thrilled the poem brought back sweet memories. I gulped quite a few times before pressing the send button. I think if I didn’t go first, I’d chicken out after I read the other terrific entries.

      • I know how you feel.That is one of the reasons I’m going to post mine now, too. And then I can just enjoy reading the others and not worry about doing mine cause it’s out of the way. lol

  2. So wonderful is the story you wove through this poem. It has been many many years since I experienced that very special birthday with each of my children….but you are correct in stating that for years to come a mom will pull out the keepsake book and share special moments with her growing children….all the best with you submission and congrats on not letting fear prevent you from posting….

    • Hi Terrol:
      I’m tickled pink that you appreciated the poem. Ah, yes, fear. Such a nasty word. It can be debilitating, but I’m not going to let fear stop me. The way I try to look at life is just go for it. If I let fear get its hooks in me, I’ll never get anywhere. And I truly appreciate the time you take to share your comments. I should hire you as my personal cheerleader.

  3. Hello Tracy!
    Yes, your poem brought back sweet memories of special birthday parties when my kids were very little! The years do fly by…my little ones have little ones of their own now. 🙂 And I love your keepsake book idea. 🙂 Love your artwork…I’m following your blog now!

    • Hi Vivian:
      Now as a grandparent, you can spoil them and then send them home with a smile.
      Here’s hoping an agent will love my keepsake book idea too.
      Encouraging others is so important. Thank you for that.
      And a big thank you for following my blog.

    • No, thank you, Heather. And a child’s first birthday is truly magical. It’s too bad they can’t remember it, but then that’s what keepsake books are all about.

    • Tina, thank you. But I’ll say talent is ten percent and sweat equity is ninety percent. I’ll be sure to pop over to your site for a visit.

  4. Thanks for reminding me of that very important first birthday…It is so special…It’s a beautiful poem and story…

  5. Love the poem. My son just turned 2, so we’re having a few of these moments all over again. Good luck with the book. I find current baby books to be lacking. I decided to create my own, because some of the milestones listed just didn’t seem to fit in how I want to remember the first few years. Of course, he’s 2 and I’m still working on it.

    • Hi Stacy:
      Enjoy the terrible two’s. You’ll look back and wish you could do it all over again.
      Thanks for the encouragement on my book. I do hope I’ve created something unique. Time will tell. Are you planning on publishing your book?
      Have a great day and thank you for your comments.