My Christmas Poem – The Night Before Christmas

My Christmas Poem – The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas

Whimsical Work of Art & Poem


Tracy Campbell

The night before Christmas,
I gazed out the window.
Then clapped with glee
At what I did see.

Fluffy white stuff
Floated down from the sky
And blanketed our
Favourite evergreen tree.

I struck a long match.
Lit the cracked logs
And listened intently
To wood crackle and pop.

With my hubby Dan
And the dogs by my side,
We curled in a ball
And snuggled real tight.

Bright orange flames
Kissed charred chimney bricks
And danced up the flue

Pine scented smoke
Wafted all through the house
And tickled our noses,
And made us shout-

Merry Christmas to all
On this holy night.
May your hearts be filled
With joy and delight.

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