Calm Coloring: Faith, Hope & Love

(Art & Soul Therapy for Kids-At-Heart)

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An inspirational coloring book for those aged 9 to 99.


Why You Need This Coloring Book Today


In our hectic, fast-paced world, does trying to carve out “God and me” time seem nearly impossible

Do the kiddies scream for attention? 

Do school or work demands leave you stressed and exhausted by day’s end? 

Whatever stage of life you’re in, or whatever painful circumstances you’re dealing with, please know you have a heavenly Father, the Great Conductor of Life, who cares about every precious detail.

“Yes, God even knows how many hairs you have on your head” (Luke 12:7a ERV).

What You Can Expect . . . 


What Others Are Saying . . .

“Tracy Campbell’s book, Calm Coloring, has gorgeous drawings just aching to be filled with color! I absolutely love the author’s whimsical style and positive spirituality. Every page is filled with yummy drawings and optimistic spiritual affirmations. I can’t see how you could not feel good after coloring a page from this book. My personal favorites are the Heaven Mushroom, the Kindness Fish, and the Thank You Bonus cupcake at the end (you really want the bonus cupcake, it’s good enough to eat).” – Bronwen Skye

“I became interested in coloring books again when my mother had a heart attack and stroke 3 years ago. When she was in rehab, all the family members, young and old, would color pages out of a stack of coloring books and we would put them on her wall. As mom was further recovering, I looked for coloring books for her, to help her fine motor skills in her hand and to help cheer her up. When I came across Tracy’s Calm Coloring book, it had EVERYTHING Mom had been asking for. It had hearts, which are her favorite. It had beautiful Bible verses that are so inspiring and uplifting pictures that she can enjoy coloring. So I printed out pages and she began to color. She loves them and they have truly put a smile on her face. I love them for myself as well. The book was brilliantly put together and my mother and I both can’t say enough wonderful things about it!” – Jane Infante

“FINALLY . . . an adult coloring book with pages I can actually finish. The whimsical designs are beautiful, yet simplistic enough to complete in a reasonable amount of time. As a Christian, I love the way the artist matched coloring pages with inspiring scripture references. Also, the journal jots are a great way to capture what God speaks to your heart as you meditate on His word while coloring. The bookmarks and gift tags are a great bonus touch. Calm Coloring . . . What a wonderful way to leave the stress of the day behind. What a creative way to enhance your prayer time.” – Deb Wilson

“Calm Coloring: Faith, Hope & Love by Tracy Campbell is a beautifully illustrated coloring book combined with Bible verses that make for a uniquely inspirational read for all ages. I can’t wait to start coloring in Tracy’s inspirational coloring book to de-stress and stimulate the creative areas of my brain.” – Virginia Wright

“God is the Great Creator. What better way to celebrate His creativity than through a beautiful book of coloring and scripture? Tracy’s book is true therapy for the soul.” – Kimberley Payne


Calm Coloring: Faith, Hope & Love is sure to inspire creativity, boost sagging spirits, and add color to your life in a fabulously fun way.


Our hectic, fast-paced world can wait.


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