I really was kissed by an angel.

The angel’s name is Christopher.

He’s a young man dealing with a devastating genetic condition called Sturge-Weber Syndrome.

Christopher emailed (with help from his mom, Robyn) a photo of the coloring page he colored up so beautifully.

Robyn said, “Christopher wants me to send you the coloring page he did. He worked on it like he was a famous painter.”

Colored by Christopher - Believe, Create, Achieve

Colored by Christopher – Believe, Create, Achieve

Does the coloring page look familiar?

Christopher found time to download and color in my free coloring page Believe, Create, Achieve. He will be a famous painter one day.

I wrote back.

“Hi Christopher,

Thank you so very much for taking the time to create your masterpiece, and for sending it to me. The colors you used are beautiful and wonderful! I love your creative spirit. I am grinning from ear-to-ear.

Keep At It!

Believe, Create, Achieve!

‘I can do all things because of Christ who strengthens me.’ Philippians 4:13 (MEV)

P.S. I hope you’ll memorize this Bible verse too, Christopher. It will help you when days are tough.

Thank you, again!”

Robyn sent a second message.

“Oh, Tracy, I wish you could know what your email did for him. I am under strict orders to print out your email. 🙂 He is memorizing the Bible verse too. You really sent his spirits into high gear. THANK YOU. He plans on framing it and putting it on the wall in his room.”

The comments that follow are a surprise for Christopher.

Hi Christopher,

I have included the photo of your wonderful and colorful masterpiece on my blog. And I’ve also included your coloring page in my Mindful Masterpiece Gallery where it will hang for all to see.

After you sent me your coloring page and your wonderful notes, I felt like I was floating on a cloud.

I can’t wait to see the honey bear coloring page too.

Christopher, thank you for being so thoughtful and kind.

Happy Heart Hugs,

Miss Tracy


I recently purchased Kissed by an Angel. It’s an anthology compiled by Robyn Campbell. The talented cast of storytellers includes Robyn Campbell, Yvette Carol, Catherine Johnson, Lynn Kelley, Vivian Kirkfield, Ellen Leventhal, Suzy Levinson, Hope Lim, Theresa Milstein, Cheryl Secomb, and Erik Weibel.


“The Kissed by an Angel anthology includes 10 stories and one poem featuring children who are gifted or have special powers. Some are ordinary people, others are extraordinary, and several aren’t what they seem to be. Read on and be enchanted. Wander with us onto a magical island ship, uncover an amazing secret, and solve a very fishy mystery. Discover a World War II codebreaker, captivating garden, time machine, undercover agents, bug master, plus more. And meet a special boy who was kissed by an angel. This anthology benefits the Sturge-Weber Foundation. Children who have Sturge-Weber are born with a port wine birthmark, which varies in color and size, and stays with them their whole lives. “You were kissed by an angel” is how author Robyn Campbell explained to her son Christopher, who suffers from Sturge-Weber syndrome, about his tell-tale birthmark. He is the creative genius who helped choose some of the names of the characters, and he is our inspiration.”

I can’t help but share a few lines from the first short story about (as told by) Christopher, and written by his mom, Robyn Campbell. (We’re not related, wish we were). Grin

Christopher was eleven-years-old and in 6th grade at the time.

The next few lines (not in their proper order) provide a description of the genetic condition Christopher deals with and gives you a glimpse into the heart of this extraordinary young man.

(Christopher, talking to his mom.)

Tell the story about an angel kissing me before I was born. Please. I don’t understand why some people laugh at me. Why others think I have germs. I just wanted to explain to them about my reddish, purple birthmark that covers most of my body.

(Moms response.)

She pulls me close. “Before you were born, an angel kissed you and left her mark. The angel wanted everyone to know how special you are.” She hugs my neck. “That way, you could always brighten everyone’s day.”

(Christopher, later in the story.)

I notice an older man sitting on a bench as I walk through the hallway. I wait to see if my face scares him. He gives me a thin smile. His eyes are sad. I take a chance and sit next to him. “How are you, sir?”

“Not too good. My wife had a seizure. It never happened to her before. They’re testing her now.”

“It might not be as bad as you think.” I tell him the story of my life and how this will be okay for them. That he should tell jokes to make her smile.

When I finish, he pats my shoulder. “Thank you for sharing. You’re an extraordinary kid.”


I ask that you consider purchasing this anthology of short stories. The eBook will cost you less than two cups of coffee. And ALL proceeds go to the Sturge-Weber Foundation, and will help fund research for Christopher, and others, who suffer from this devastating genetic condition. The eBook and print copy are available on Amazon.com.

After receiving Christopher’s coloring page, reading his delightful emails, and then reading his story, I’m sure you can understand why I knew “I was kissed by an angel”.

Please address your comments to Christopher. I know he will appreciate them.

Happy Heart Hugs,


P.S. To download the free coloring page, click the highlighted title Believe, Create, Achieve.

P.P.S. Visit Robyn Campbell’s blog. She’s an amazing mom to six children, and a talented children’s writer and poet.

I WAS KISSED BY AN ANGEL first appeared on Tracy Campbell’s blog.

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    • A thousand apologies, Yvette! But what mistake? LOL, I fixed it. Thank you for calling attention to it.
      I’m the one who received the blessing from the amazing, gorgeous, tender-hearted Christopher.
      Thanks so much for dropping in too. Please come back anytime.

  1. OH WOW, TRACY! I heart you from your head to your toes (actually, that is Christopher’s line). He said that. 🙂 I stole it. *wink* Tracy, this is so beautiful. Okay. So. This is what I’ve had to do. COPY the entire post for him to frame. PLUS, I had to promise to take pictures (of said framed post and email) and email them to you. He is ecstatic. His neuro, Dr. D’cruz made him famous in India. Now he tells me you have made him famous in the hearts of all who know you. We are sending XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO (one gazillion, Christopher’s words) hugs and kisses to you. LOVE YOU. (I’m crying.) 🙂
    Robyn Campbell recently posted..My Valentine’s WEP Yup, It’s THAT Time Again. WheeeeeeeeMy Profile

    • I am the one who cried last night with tears of joy. “I heart you from your head to your toes” too, Christopher. I guess we should let your mom use that line because it’s a great one! I can’t wait to receive your next photo of your framed post. I will treasure it always! I think it’s Christopher’s loving spirit who makes him famous in the hearts of all who know and will get to know him. Thank you for the gazillion hugs and kisses too! XXXXXXXXXXXXX OOOOOOOOOOOOO 🙂

  2. Oh, Tracy. Please tell Christopher for me that I wish he could hear the applause from Colorado!
    His art is genuine and impressive and wonderful! Hugs to you both, Tracy. <3 <3 🙂
    Marylin Warner recently posted..Innie or Outie?My Profile

  3. Hi Tracy,
    Thanks so much for your support for my WordPress Hacks article. I am aware you shared it on Google+. Thanks for the share and for liking my article. I believe you came from Chris’s site. I am a huge fan. I was his guest author last summer.
    In response to your post, I got chills when I read your opening, “I was kissed by an angel.”

    • You are most welcome, Janice. I meant to leave a comment on your actual post but got side-tracked. I like to help others and sharing your awesome blog post was a privilege. And I only share things that have helped me and that I know will help others. Yes, I did find via Chris (aka Mr. Ape). Thank you for sharing that my opening gave you chills. That was the response I was hoping to achieve. So thanks for letting me know. Encouraging others is so important. Let’s keep in touch, Janice. 🙂

  4. I love the vivid colors Christopher used. He did a beautiful job on this piece. He is truly an angel here on earth and blesses so many people. Such an inspiration!

    Lovely review, Tracy. Wonderful blog post!

  5. Wonderful artwork, Christopher! I bought “Kissed by an Angel” and enjoyed all the stories about gifted kids! I’m so impressed that your picture is featured here! I can’t draw or color at all, so I admire talented artists, of which you are one. 🙂 I hope you are having a good week. I think you are your mom are so cool!!! God bless you both!!

  6. Oh wow, I want to give Christopher a huge friendly hug and his mom and you too. What an incredibly moving story. Perhaps the most of all the ones you’ve published that I’ve caught here, Tracy, and that’s saying something. TEARS! So sweet and so lovely to rad how your words encouraged him. look how your art was used to being about all that followed. The angel story is utterly touching.

    thank you for sharing.

    Christopher–I can see so much creativity and joy in your work. Really wonderful. Please keep it up and keep shining. That story of the sad man you said hello to is a perfect example how we call can play our part, wherever we find ourselves. Sending love and prayers for you and your family …all the way from the Colorado Rockies!

    • You made me feel like a star too, Christopher. Thank you for your beautiful comments. We will meet one day, Christopher. If not here on earth when we get to heaven. I love you, too! 🙂

  7. Loved this post! Christopher did an awesome job with his masterpiece, and you did an awesome job encouraging him!

    Robyn’s anthology sounds good. I’ll have to check it out.
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  8. Tracy, what happened to your comments for Baked Goodness post? I wanted to read if any others had been left since last time I was here but couldn’t! they’ve disappeared oddly enough.

    Hope your Easter was good and a time of love and renewal. 🙂

    • The comments are still there, Michael. Sometimes when I use my phone to view someone’s blog, I can’t comment unless I click on the full site. Perhaps there was a glitch along the way. Easter was good. Thanks for asking. 🙂