Is Writing A Waste Of Time?

Is Writing A Waste Of Time?

“Motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes.”
Benjamin Franklin

I was encouraged the other day after reading about Kathryn Stockett’s journey on what it took for her to get her first book published. The Help

After a year and half of polishing her gem, she announced to all who would listen that the book was done. Then she mailed it off to an agent.

Six weeks later, she received a rejection letter. Thrilled, she got right back to editing and a few months later sent it off to a few more agents. More rejection letters arrived. Fifteen in all.Another year and a half had passed by the time she opened her 40th rejection letter. After a hard weekend wallowing in self-pity, how could she admit to friends and family she wanted to continue on with the same story when apparently no one wanted it? To avoid embarrassment, she lied to friends and said she had to stay home to paint the house. She lied to her husband telling him she was going away with girlfriends, only to sneak off to a hotel and rewrite the same novel.

She received sixty rejection letters, all of which took five years of writing and three and half years of rejection. But on her 61st submission she garnered an agent and the rest is history.

Don’t worry about what your friends and family think. Your dream isn’t a waste of time. Just work hard and never give up.

Dare to Dream Large

On that note, I’d best get back to my writing.

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