How To Pitch Your Book To An Agent In 90-Seconds

How To Pitch Your Book To An Agent In 90-Seconds

“You aren’t a good writer until you can wallpaper your room with rejection letters.”
Freelance journalist, Michelle Morra.

I know from personal experience how nerve-racking it was to have a literary agent read my pitch for my YA novel. But the thought of telling an agent my 90-second pitch makes my mouth tastes like sandpaper and my palms sweat. Never mind opening my mouth and hoping I don’t trip over my tongue. Well that’s precisely what Marcy Kennedy and Lisa Wilson from Girls with Pens endured at the Writer’s Digest Conference in San Francisco a few weeks ago.

Below, Lisa and Marcy share the pitch they recounted to numerous agents.

“The Amazon Heir is Xena warrior princess meets Game of Thrones.

It’s a completed 100,000 word adult historical fantasy.

Zerynthia is an Amazon princess with more man-kills than any other. Tradition says that to take her mother’s throne she needs a female heir from a prince of Scythia, a nation feared by even the Greeks. If she doesn’t take her mother’s throne, the law condemns her family to death.

Kaduis, heir to a king with too many sons, is ordered by his father not to come home without a son from Zerynthia, but Kaduis’ secret faith in a foreign god forbids him from bedding a woman who isn’t his wife and carries a death sentence if discovered.

When Kaduis’ brother devises a plot to cast doubt on the paternity of their child, the existence of both their societies is threatened.

He needs a son, she needs a daughter, only one can succeed, and time is running out.”

I don’t know about you, but their pitch gripped me. It’s no wonder they were asked to submit their novel. Way to go girls.

And to Linda, thanks for forwarding the encouraging quote.

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