How To Attract And Keep Readers

How To Attract And Keep Readers

I’m a new writer (less than two years). I’m writing an Inspirational Teen Novel. I’m learning that to generate interest in my work I need to have a blog. So after receiving an e-book from Aliventures, which offers excellent advice on how to Attract and Keep Readers, I thought I’d share a few tips with other newbie writers on what a blog should include.

Keep the background white behind your text

  • But I love colour. And lots of it. I suppose that’s great for my artwork, but apparently, not so great when readers are trying to read a post.

Cut back on the clutter

  • What clutter?

Is your site attractive to others?

  • Attractive? Some days I think I look great. And well…others. Oh, that’s not what Ali was referring to. I’m still working on my site so don’t be too critical.

Is your font size large enough?

  • This is as large as it gets.

Update your About page at least once a month

  • Give me a break. I just added information this morning.

Include a Contact Page

  • This should include an email address. Great, I’ve done that. But apparently not all readers want information popping up in their email boxes so be sure to include a contact form. It appears I have more work ahead of me.

Include a link to Twitter, Facebook and/or Linked In

  • I’m breaking out in hives. I don’t have Twitter or Facebook. Phew! But I do have a LinkedIn account. Oh no, it’s so out of date. More pressure.

Run feeds through FeedBurner

  • A what? I just smacked my forehead. Something else I need to address.

Create a signature

  • This one’s easy enough. Just log into your email account and add your website name, and any other links you may have lurking around.

Ask a Blogger to Link You

  • What if they ignore me, or worse, laugh at me? Gulp. Start with your friends.

Leave comments on other Blogs

  • I’m doing that.

Offer Valuable Content

  • The plan is to share what I’ve learned with newbie writer’s like myself.

Blog Often

  • My goal is to blog at least once a week. Everyday would be nice, but I wouldn’t get any other writing done.

Offer to Write A Guest Blog

  • Yeah, right. I need more writing experience under my belt. I’m having a hard time just trying to get this post up.

If you want detailed information on “How to Attract and Keep Readers”, just ask Ali and she’ll be more than happy to send you a copy of her e-book.

If anyone has any other blogging tips. Please post your comments.

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