What are Fur Babies?

What are Fur Babies?

Happy New Year, Folks! Indy here.

I’m glad you asked. 🙂

Fur babies wear furry coats, and they’re members of your family!

I want to shine the spotlight on your fur babies, so I finally got around to creating a Fur Babies page. But I’ll need you to submit the following to make that happen:

  • the two best photos of your fur babies—dogs, cats, ferrets, lamas, and even rats will do,
  • your fur baby’s registered name, if you have a purebred,
  • your fur baby’s name or nickname,
  • your fur baby’s date of birth or the date your fur baby passed away,
  • the breed of your fur baby,
  • your fur baby’s birth weight,
  • today’s weight,
  • other interesting tidbits, and
  • a short story that’ll make me laugh or cry.

If you’re not a writer, don’t worry. I’ll tweak your story and make it shine brighter than the shiniest star in the galaxy.

The photo and story will appear as a post on Mum’s my blog. Then I’ll add a second photo to the Fur Babies page along with the information I’ve requested above. If you don’t have all of the information I’ve asked for, please send in what you have.

Just imagine—your fur baby can be immortalized forever!

Here’s a purr-fect example of a short story I wrote about my older brother, Patches.

Patches weighs in at 24 pounds. He turned ten years and one month old today!

He’s a real superstar too! Way back in 2004, Patches made his debut on a doggie calendar just for Shih Tzu’s, published by Zebra Publishing.

Patches is a quiet, reserved old man who thinks he’s the king of our castle up here on Campbell Hill farm. But I suppose being featured on a calendar might make any fur baby’s head swell.

My Hero and Superstar!

You have to admit, he looks rather dapper with that bandana tied around his neck. If you peer closely, you might be able to make out Mickey Mouse ears on the side of his ever-expanding girth.

Mum says that happens as you age.

For months after I arrived on the scene, snooty Patches refused to come near me. He wouldn’t eat his kibble or drink until Mum moved his doggie dishes into the kitchen. Mum even had to lug his comfy bed up the stairs and place it in her bedroom.

When nature called, though, Patches crept down the stairs, darted to the screen door, pushed it open with his nose, and then leaped off the porch to do his business.

Eventually, I won his heart.

Although he still growls and snaps if I wrap my paws around his neck and nibble on his ears, I keep telling him it’s just a hug. He can be such a grouch!

But when our wet noses touch and I gaze into his milk-chocolate eyes, I feel the love. Then I know…Patches is glad I’m his little brother.

The End! 🙂

Before you leave, please click on the Fur Babies heading. It’s located at the top of the blog. Once there, you’ll uncover another photo of Patches. Oh, and there’s a unique photo of me too! And, of course, I’ve left instructions on how you can contact me.

So remember to send in your submissions. I’d love to place your fur babies in the limelight! 🙂

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23 Responses

  1. Tracy,
    What a wonderful idea to create a Fur Babies tab and posts. I hope it brings lots of entries. We haven’t had a pet in years, although we used to have two dogs. One was a Chinese pug and one was a terrier. They were a different sort of pair that were given to us. They produced some good times and memories. Pets bring so much happines. What a gret tribute to them. Many of their mums will be tickled to show them off.

  2. Hey Indy !!! So nice of you to share stories about your ( and our) family friends. My name is Chip and I am a English Springer Spaniel. I am really really old but I still love to get out in the fresh snow and make snow angels….what fun!!! I will send you some pictures later. By the way, I think you are really handsome….wink wink.

    • Hi, Terrol & Chip. Welcome to my blog. So you’re an old man like Patches. He likes rubbing his face in the snow too. You’ll have to drop by and show him how to make snow angels. I’d love to see your pics. Thanks for the cool compliment. Buff!

  3. Hi Tracy…Great post…Love the animals…They teach us love and appreciation…I’m a dog person…We had ‘Rusty’ for 11 years…A crazy Jack Russell…Love the pics of your dogs…
    karenlee recently posted..‘JUST BECAUSE’…My Profile

  4. Great idea! Unfortunately we only have an outside cat that runs away if we get to close and a snake who, while very sweet, has no fur. Have fun!

  5. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!