For Michael’s Creative Tuesdays, I was to paint something that makes me happy.

First, I listed a dozen of life’s simple pleasures that makes me happy:

  • reading my trusty manual,
  • riding my bicycle,
  • falling asleep on the back of my hubby’s motorcycle,
  • cross-country skiing (I used to downhill and water ski),
  • playing the piano,
  • writing,
  • swimming,
  • chirping birds,
  • seeing friends,
  • drawing,
  • painting, and
  • fishing.

Second, I wrote about one of my happiest childhood memories.

“Tracy,” Dad said, tossing the tackle box into the boat. “Let’s go fishing.”

“Yahoo!” I kicked off my sandals, yanked on rubber boots, jumped into the car, and slammed the door.

With the boat trailer in tow, Dad steered the car toward the bait shop.

“Dad, how many minnows are we getting?”

“A bucket full, of course.”

I stared out the window and smirked. For the next few hours, we’ll cast our lines, devour Mom’s yummy egg sandwiches, listen for a Loons eerie echo, and reel in feisty Pike for dinner. Oh yah, just me and Dad.

Third, I ran out of time to paint a new piece, so here’s a fishing frog I painted that was published in a calendar for Zebra Publishing.

Dad, let's go fishing!

“Let’s Go Fishing” is also available as a greeting card for Father’s Day, and I’ll be offering a printable Father’s Day card (coming soon).


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Note: I just found out that this week’s “happy” prompt deadline has been extended a week.

In any case, thanks Christine, for the wonderful prompt.

Blessings of Happiness,


P.S. What is one of your life’s simple pleasures that makes you happy?

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34 Responses

  1. Love your “Let’s Go Fishing” picture and love the story about.
    I love to sit while having my coffee in the morning just listening to all the bird’s chirping outside my window.


  2. Tracy, your fishing adventure with your dad is rich with wonderful details and images, right now to the yummy egg sandwiches your mom prepared. This is a delightful, happy post, and your picture of the fishing frog is precious. Well done!
    Marylin Warner recently posted..THE CRUELEST MONTHMy Profile

    • And Sherry, I have no doubt your piano playing skills are superb and much better than mine. I played the piano in public again last week after 15 years in hiding. LOL

    • Dad and I sure do, Linda. I thought of your hubby as I was getting ready to post the Fishing Frog because I know he collects frogs (but not live ones, I hope). 🙂

    • I am so glad you have happy memories of your dad, and very sad that he passed away when you were just 11. Good memories do affect our lives in a happy way, Niina. 🙂

    • Liisa, you’re missing out on never have gone fishing. It’s fun, relaxing, and exciting. Perhaps one day you’ll get a chance to try it. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  3. How come I just found this???? Am I stupid or what???? SO glad to talk to you, cuz. I’m from the Keys, so I get the fishing with dad. But the harley???? How about a horse? I’ll look for a wrap around saddle. *wink* <3 I LOVE the Father's Day card. Will be back to buy one.
    Robyn Campbell recently posted..Guest Posting TodayMy Profile

    • Oh no, Robyn, never say you’re stupid. The reason you finally found this page is because I forgot to update my blogger profile with the correct link, so I have to thank you for jogging my memory. LOL A wrap-a-around horse saddle sounds perfect. I am so HAPPY love the Father’s Day Card, and that you want to buy one. 🙂

    • Love your honesty about cross-country skiing, Linda. LOL I just took it up this winter and I can barely keep up with my mother. I sure work up a sweat though…gross, I know. LOL

  4. Tracy, Ok, first off, I have to ask you about this happy moment:

    “Falling asleep on the back of my hubby’s motorcycle”
    –Whaaa? Are you nuts? I hope it’s not moving! That is one sure way of killing yourself!! Please explain further for your readers! 😮

    Other than the above, yes, good list of happy moments there and lovely that you have some with your dad.

    that card is cute and good luck selling it. Happy indeed. thank you!
    Michael recently posted..Happy Happy! (Creative Tuesdays)My Profile

    • Yeah, I’m a little nuts. Actually the motorcycle has a wrap-around seat and if Dan (my hubby) knows we’re going to hit a huge bump, he’ll tap my leg.

  5. Eeee that frog is so cute! I love the character design and him sitting, chilling out, and fishing. Wonderful contribution to the theme!