Do You Make Time For Family & Friends?

Do You Make Time For Family & Friends?

On April 1st, I received a text from my neighbour and friend. Her healthy, two-year-old, house bunny died from a massive heart attack.

I never understood why pet lovers made such a fuss over their animals. Now that I own two dogs—Indygo, a Chinese Crested Powder Puff (no, that’s not a delectable dish), and Patches, a Shih Tzu, I get it.

I wrote this tribute to Olivia, her bunny, hoping my friend finds comfort.

Livy Livy Livy

Livy Livy Livy. Oliviaah! That was your name.

A sweet, dear rabbit that was mighty tame.

Your fur so soft, fluffy, and fine,

The colour of wheat and cinnamon combined.

When Mema stroked and patted your back,

Hair floated into the air, flying this way and that.

Freed from your cage, you leapt to the floor,

And headed straight for the bathroom door.

When you discovered it shut real tight,

You thumped your tail and dashed out of sight,

And into the porch where you hopped on a chair,

And lay very still, hoping she wouldn’t find you there.

“Oliviaah! Tell me, tell me,” Mema would say,

 “What did you do on my wicker chair today?”

Then she rolled her eyes and added a sigh,

“Livy Livy Livy, Oliviaah! Please tell me why?”

“Sorry Mema, the bathroom was out-of-bounds.

Don’t worry; I didn’t make any loud sounds.”

Olivia’s whiskers twitched from side-to-side,

Then she scampered off and found a place to hide.

Sadly, on April 1st, 2012, Olivia’s heart did stop.

Tears rolled down Mema’s cheeks, and she did flop.

Then she remembered strong hind legs that did stand,

Waiting to nibble a carrot or two out of her hand.

Livy Livy Livy. Oliviaah! That was your name.

The Hughesdale farm will not be the same.

And Mema will miss you more than you’ll know,

Through three seasons and into winters’ first snow.

I dropped off the poem and a few hours later I received this text.

“This poem is amazing. Thank you so much. I love it. I’m bringing it to show my girls. And yes, I’m crying and smiling at the same time.”

When you think you don’t have time to perform an act of kindness–just do it. Life is way too short.

Have a Blessed Easter

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