How to Cure Your Baby’s Colic

How to Cure Your Baby’s Colic



New mom’s cooing bundle starts fussing right after he or she has been fed. New mom hoists her precious sack over her shoulder and pats baby’s back.


Baby clenches fingers into balled fists. The cherub’s cheeks flush. Fussing turns to crying fits. Baby writhes in pain, extending stiff legs with toes that feel colder than ice.

New mom unclips baby’s diaper pins or peels back Velcro strips and gasps. Her tiny tot has a bloated belly. Crying spells escalate.

Baby’s screams pierce new mom’s heart. New mom will do anything to trade places. Anything to relieve her child’s excruciating gastric pain.

New mom dials a number. “My baby won’t stop screaming.”

She quickly relays the symptoms to the listening ear on the other end.

Her mother sighs.

New mom paces the nursery. “Mom, what’s wrong with my baby?”

“He’s got colic. There’s not much you can do. He’ll grow out of it. You did.”

“Thanks a lot.” New mom rolls her eyes. “Is that the best advice you’ve got?”

According to New Haven pediatrician Dr. Morris Wessel, an infant with colic is “one who, otherwise healthy and well-fed, had paroxysms of irritability, fussing, or crying lasting for a total of three hours a day and occurring on more than three days in any one week.”

So what’s a new mom to do? There’s got to be a better solution.

Apparently, there is.

I received this testimonial about a mom who used a band, created by Juju Band Concepts LLC, to ease her daughter’s colic.


“Our daughter, Stephanie, started having colic almost as soon as we brought her home from the hospital! For the first weeks, my husband and I went to the pharmacy to get some homeopathic colic tablets, over the counter drops, and gripe water. We had little success with any of these remedies.

Next, we searched the internet for a solution and came up with cycling the legs, which seemed to help a little. We tried distracting Stephanie with the white noise from our vacuum. Our pediatrician suggested we carry her around in a sling and have her sleep with us. Later, he suggested an anti-spasm medication. These methods worked for a couple of evenings, but ultimately failed.

I wasn’t giving up. I reached out to others for help and was introduced to the Juju Band method. The Juju Band is a simple band that adds pressure and heat to the belly area. The heat helps to soothe the stomach reflux, and the band puts a light pressure on the stomach in order to release the gas and bloating associated with colic as baby’s digestive system forms.

I warmed the band up in the microwave for twenty seconds, removed it, and then tested the band to ensure it wasn’t too hot. I wrapped it around Stephanie middle, making sure I kept one finger inside the band so it wasn’t too tight.

I placed Stephanie in her swing. She seemed to be lulled by the rhythm. So I wasn’t convinced the Juju Band method was the answer. But she didn’t cry. And for the first time, she slept from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

I tried the same method the next night, and the next, and all with the same successful results. Stephanie is now a content, happy baby. We are grateful that we found a solution that worked for us.” – Caryn Forebush, San Marino, CA

Julie Acevedo, owner of Juju Band Concepts LLC, has graciously offered to mail one JuJu Band to a commenter.


The “I Love Mom” Juju Band

But there’s a catch. You have to leave a comment below to help young moms cope with a baby’s first year. And I’ll also give away a one-of-a-kind baby greeting card that you can tuck in with the JuJu Band when you present this amazing gift to a young mom (if you choose not to keep it for yourself).

But wait—there’s more! I’ll also include four additional cards “Just for Ewe” to hand-deliver or mail to a friend or foe. You know what “they” say: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” And actually, wouldn’t a nice card be a great way to start mending fences with a foe. 🙂

I’ll plop all of the commenter’s names (who leave mommy tips) into a hat, and then I’ll let Indy pick out the paper with his sharp teeth. Oh boy! Imagine the slobber I’ll have to contend with. 🙂

And, of course, Indy will announce the winner next Saturday. So stay tuned! Unfortunately, this offer is only available to U.S. and Canadian residents.

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29 Responses

  1. What a fun and helpful post, Tracy! I can remember with my oldest son the MANY nights I held him, face down across my lap as I rocked, singing and patting his back. This did help…as long as I kept up the motion. 🙂 I read LOTS of novels in those days…or nights, I should say.:)

    The microwaved band sounds interesting…and makes sense. I’d love to win it…I’m putting together a collection of goodies (mostly picture books, signed if possible) to bring with me when I go to Chicago next month to help with the arrival of my new granddaughter (well, I don’t think I will be much help with the actual arrival…but I will certainly do what I can to make things easier for the new mommy and daddy after. 🙂
    Vivian Kirkfield recently posted..Spring Checklist, Contest and CraftMy Profile

    • Hi Vivian,
      I love your positive attitude, in that, you read novels while trying to soothe your little boy. I was fortunate that I didn’t have colicky children. Thanks for sharing your tips. New moms now can use the Juju Band and the added rocking will be a bonus.
      I hear your excitement about your new grandchild that’s coming and I wish you were my grandmother what with all the wonderful items you’re gathering. LOL

  2. My best advice to new mom’s is that sometimes YOU have to separate yourself from your baby and regroup. That DOES not make you a bad mom……… fact is makes you a great mom. When you are calm, cool and collected it is far easier to share these feeling with your child. So yes, that’s my wisdom. Of course, really cool items like the JuJu band always come in handy……….oh and one last piece of advice……..listen to all the advice, smile and nod and pick what works for YOU !!!!

    • Yes, all moms ought to learn that because the advice flies in fast and furious and we know our child and ourselves best. I remember when my twins were babies, Ferber was huge. The idea was to let a baby learn to cry themselves to sleep and all that nonsense. I refused to use that tactic as I think it stinks to let a helpless baby lie in a crib screaming for hours.
      Some moms jumped on the idea and, of course, years later Dr. Ferber says he never told them to do that. 😆 He said his advice was to comfort the baby, feed and change the baby, and keep checking back periodically to comfort the baby and make sure all was well.
      Some moms I knew back then bragged about how long their babies wailed before falling asleep. Yikes!
      ElizOF recently posted..Chinua Achebe: Celebrated Nigerian Author Dies at 82My Profile

      • Hi Eliz,
        I love that you’ve come back to share your experience. Sadly, I too succumbed to the so called advice to let your child cry. That’s why it’s so important for new moms to take care of their child as they see fit. 🙂

    • Hi Sherry, I’m so sorry to hear your daughter had colic. Never mind not getting enough sleep due to night feedings, but throw a colicky baby into the mix and…well, I can’t imagine the exhaustion you must have felt.

  3. What a great idea!My oldest son was very distressed with colic. Holding him on his stomach on my arm (like a running back carrying a football) with his feet by my hand, was the only thing that seemed to help. Other than driving him around i the car! I wish we had the JuJu band then. Great post 🙂
    Laura Bennet recently posted..Stuck in Abusive Relationship?My Profile

    • Hi Laura, I’m so surprised at how many of you mom’s had to deal with a colicky baby. Love your tips. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a chauffeur to drive you both around, then you would have gotten some sleep. 🙂

  4. Oh, sure, NOW I learn about the JuJu band…now that my daughter is grown and her children (my grandchildren) are past the colic stage.
    Like Laura, I drove my infant daughter around in the car…colic put so many miles on my car!
    Marylin Warner recently posted..THE THINGS WE LOSEMy Profile

    • Hi Marylin,
      I’m laughing. Sorry, I’m a few years late on announcing this great product. Thanks for popping in and letting us know how you handled your colicky baby. 🙂

  5. I know for me when I get gas pain I need to stretch out. Walking about doesn’t help me, but then something tight on my tummy doesn’t work either. I like the idea of the juju band because you don’t want to get your baby into the habit of needing medication to help.

    My biggest piece of advice to new moms is this, splurge on organic non-toxic products for your child, most of the lotions/pastes/shampoos have some form of toxins in them and you don’t want to expose your children to them.
    Jodi recently posted..Counter Surfing 101My Profile