Cover Reveal: A Creative Coloring Prayer Journal

Cover Reveal: A Creative Coloring Prayer Journal

Hi, Folks!

It’s me, Indy. Do you remember me?

I’m Tracy Campbell’s adorable fur baby!

My mum’s missing in action, again!

She has two good excuses though.

First Excuse

She asked me to manage her blog, but I dropped the ball. My round-the-clock naps keep getting in the way.

Second Excuse

My mum’s been working on her second book. If you ask me, it’s taken far too long.

Anyway, today, I’m here to help Mum.

* * *

“Mum, are you ready to reveal the book cover yet?”

“No Indy! I’m not ready.”

“You always say you’re not ready. Let’s face it, Mum. You need help.”

“I do need help. All authors need help with book promotion.”

“I mean no disrespect, but we’re not promoting the book today! I’m just here to help you reveal the cover.”

* * *


Before I fall asleep, please cast your gaze on my mum’s front cover.

Front Cover Created by Mum

Mum told me that Talk with God Color Your Day is a creative coloring prayer journaling tool designed to enhance your quiet time with God through guided prompts that will have you leaving trails of joyful jots, praiseworthy thoughts, heavenly expectations, heartfelt reflections, and inspired ideas on charming, lightly-lined notepaper.

Inside, A Calm Coloring Prayer Journal, you’ll discover:

  • inspiring guided prompts
  • charming, lightly-lined notepaper to journal your talks with God
  • plenty of space to share pressing health, financial, and relationship problems
  • lots of room to list 90 blessings
  • oodles of scripture to memorize
  • 100 easy-to-color decorative pages




I’ve shared too much. Too late now. Please take a look at the back cover too.

Back Cover Created by Mum Too



















Mum refuses to share her publishing date with me. However, I overheard her whispering in my pop’s ear that her creative coloring prayer journal is on its way.

I’ll also tell you that Talk with God Color Your Day: A Calm Coloring Prayer Journal is the interactive softcover journal that will provide Art & Soul Therapy for Your Heart.

Gotta run. It’s nap time.


P.S. I do hope you’ll share my mum’s cover on social media. Mum and I would really appreciate your support.

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14 Responses

  1. Wonderful cover(s) and such a great concept, Tracy. I’ll definitely want one of these for daughter #2 (She uses coloring books to relax and the idea of adding a devotional journal is awesome!

    • So sorry for the delay in responding, Tina. I’m behind … again.
      I did post some interior pics on my FB page and on my timeline.
      I plan to post some here on my blog tomorrow (Tuesday).
      Thank you so much for letting me know you’re interested.