Two Books for Any Mom Who’s Ever Felt Sleep Deprived or Grumpy

Two Books for Any Mom Who’s Ever Felt Sleep Deprived or Grumpy

Do you want to know why I comment on blogs?

I meet amazing people I would otherwise not meet in person. People like, talented children’s author, Susanna Leonard Hill. She surprised me yesterday when she promoted my greeting cards on her terrific blog. Susanna’s also celebrating her second blogiversary today! Happy Blogiversary, Susanna! 😀

And I win prizes!

That’s right. I’ve won three books in as many months just by leaving what I hope were intelligent comments. 😀

So today, I’d like to introduce one of those authors—Sherry Ellis. She not only mailed me her first book (That Baby Woke Me Up, AGAIN!) but she slipped in a second book (That Mama is a Grouch!).

Sherry Ellis


Sherry Ellis is a children’s book author and freelance writer who has written articles for parenting publications. Her book—That Mama is a Grouch has won several awards, including first place in the parenting category of the 2011 Pinnacle Book Awards.

Sherry is also a professional musician who plays and teaches violin, viola, and piano. She lives in Loveland, Ohio, with her husband and two children.


Sherry, welcome to my Wacky World of Writing. I’m honored to have you as my guest.

Tracy, thank you for having me as a guest!

Where did you get the idea for your first book?

Written by Sherry Ellis and Illustrated by Don Berry


That Baby Woke Me Up, AGAIN! was inspired by my then five-month-old son. He had awakened me for about the seventh time one night, which was pretty typical. (Both of my kids were terrible sleepers!) As I sat in the rocking chair with him at three o’clock in the morning, a poem started going through my head. It was the beginning of the story.

That Baby Woke Me Up, Again! is for all those bleary-eyed families who sincerely believe that they will never again enjoy a full night of sleep. Seen through the eyes of an exhausted sibling, this book is guaranteed to bring a smile to even the most fatigued members of a sleep-deprived household.”

Where did you get the idea for the second book?

Written by Sherry Ellis and Illustrated by Don Berry



The second book,—That Mama is a Grouch, was inspired after I tripped over a bunch of my daughter’s toys in the family room. I was carrying a basket full of laundry, and didn’t see them.  The laundry went flying, and I ended up whacking my toe on the sofa, breaking it. I was a very grouchy mama!

“Will anything get a mother yelling about time outs and withholding favors faster than a toy-strewn house? Children from three to seven will delight in this charming rhyme that mothers are human, most often loving, and that certain situations will guarantee driving them to their breaking point.”

Sherry, I giggled through both books twice. No…make that three times.


What genre does your book fall under? 

Both books are listed under children’s fiction, but they could also be listed under parenting.

Why did you decide to self-publish?  

Honestly, I was so sleep-deprived that I was too tired to do research on publishing. I had no idea there was a difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing. I just contacted the first publisher I found on the internet, which happened to be Createspace. Let’s just say I’ve learned a lot about the publishing industry since then!

Since you’ve learned a lot about the industry, can you offer any tips that might help other authors looking to self-publish?

If you’re going to self-publish, make sure you know who your target market is. Figure out how to reach them. You will be responsible for all of the marketing, so come up with a good plan, and be prepared to spend some money!

How did you connect with the illustrator,—Don Berry?

Createspace had a list of recommended illustrators,–Don Berry was one of them. After looking at samples of all of the illustrators’ works, I felt that Mr. Berry was best suited for the job. I chose him, and was quite pleased with his work.

I’m in awe of talented illustrators. Don Berry’s illustrations enhanced your stories beautifully!


Where can we buy—That Baby Woke Me Up, Again! and That Mama is a Grouch?

They’re available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Smashwords, and my website.

What books are you writing now?

I’m working on a series of chapter books for kids. The first one is called—Bubba and Squirt’s Big Hole to China. It’s about two kids who end up in Xi’an, China, site of the Terracotta Warriors. They meet the ghost of the first emperor of China, and learn they must locate his missing burial pendant or they will never return home.

I’ve completed the second book,—Bubba and Squirt’s Mayan Treasure, and I’m working on the third,—Bubba and Squirt and the Parisian Art Thieves.

Love the titles! When can I expect to read all three books?

The first manuscript has been submitted to an agent. I’m still waiting to hear back from him. I plan to traditionally publish this series, so it may take a while for it to be in print. I will certainly keep you updated!

Wonderful! I’ll await your big announcement!


Do you still need to purchase gifts for Christmas? Well, what are you waiting for? Hop on over to Sherry’s site.

Tracy, I would also be happy to give away a copy of each of my books to two lucky commenters.

Wow! That’s very generous, Sherry. And it was a pleasure getting to know you better!

Quick! Leave a comment or two. After Sherry picks a winner, I’ll make the big announcement next Saturday. So stay tuned!

Sherry also muses five days a week about her two children, the family dog, and her husband’s (the big kid’s) wacky antics. Her humor will brighten your day!

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      Have you thought about submitting to an agent?
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  1. Nice interview ladies. I’m definitely happy to comment, especially when there’s a giveaway. I agree that you meet some very interesting people through commenting on blogs. It’s also a good feeling to encourage and support others on their journey.

  2. Nice interview! I once won a copy of That Mama is a Grouch!, and my kids and I really enjoy it! 🙂

  3. Hi Tracy, Great interview with Sherry Ellis! She is truly an inspiration to me personally, and her blog Mama Diaries is lots of fun to read and follow with all the goings-on with her family. I’m very excited for her and the series she is writing!

    Your illustrations are just awesome-beautiful work! Fun blog! -Virginia

  4. Loved the interview. Good luck Sherry with the publication of the new book.I’m learning that the road to publication is in fact a journey.

    Nice blog Tracy, this was my first visit. I’ll be back (-:

  5. Hi Tracy and Sherry! Great interview. I love Sherry’s books! I was very fortunate to meet her through Blog Talk Radio. Congrat’s on the agent and good luck with the trad publishing. I’m a self publisher (seven books), but I’d welcome a trad house to pick me and my books up! Can’t wait to see the rest of your books!

  6. Hold the phone, are you suggesting there are mommies out there who have never been grumpy or sleep-deprived? I would not like to meet these women, as I could certainly not contain my jealousy.

    Beautiful postcards on Susanna’s site!

  7. Excellent job on the interview Tracy. Glad to meet you Sherry! It’s interesting how creative ideas come to us… and I loved how Sherry shared what inspired her Mama is a Grouch book. When my daughters were little, I wrote stories and fun hand drawn picture books for them. It never occurred to me to consider publishing them. Who knew… Anyway, children’s books are a thing of the past in our household but it’s great to read about authors who write them. Kudos! 🙂
    ElizOF recently posted..Musings: On Peace…My Profile

  8. Wow books written about my life and I didn’t even know it….well I lived it but always felt like I was the only one…….perhaps the sleep deprivation took more of a toll than I thought. Glad to say both the kids and I survived and now can look back and laugh….Thanks Tracy for sharing Sherri with us

  9. Oh the days of babies and small children! It seems forever ago, but reading your post I was reminded of how my oldest daughter had the “privilege” of sharing her room with her younger brother when he was a baby and then her sister when she was born. Ever the tolerant one, she once told me that she couldn’t sleep very well with the baby crying. Now it’s my kids still at home that have to be quiet when my 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter is here napping! Great interview. 🙂
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