Do You Want to Know More about Chinese Cresteds?

Do You Want to Know More about Chinese Cresteds?

Hi Folks! Indy here.

Mum banished me to the dog house for sneaking a post onto her blog. Okay, so I don’t actually have a dog house. I lived the first year of my life in a crate, and now I snuggle up on the sofa under this blanket Mum knit. Once in a while, Pop lets me sleep with my mum as long as I stay on her side.

Anyway, after scrambling and hiding under the sofa until Mum coaxed me out in her sweeter-than-molasses voice, I balanced on my hind legs, begging Mum to let me use her laptop again. She agreed…as long as I do my posts while she’s asleep. I overhead heard Mum telling Pop she was thrilled that I brought in so many awesome comments. Thanks folks, you saved my hide!

Two weeks ago, I promised to tell you about a very unique page—Fur Babies. It’s still not ready. I only have so much computer time.

I also promised I’d tell you a little more about my breed. The info I uncovered two weeks ago about Cresteds’ originating in China may be a myth. I didn’t say I was educated, only that I possess doggie smarts. You know, stuff like the ability to sniff out squirrels, skunks, and animal and baby poo. It’s stinky, but I keep coming back for more.

Now, I don’t believe everything I read, but this article I’m squinting at states that the Chinese Crested originated in Africa, and they were called “African Hairless Terriers.” Then Chinese trading ships sailed in. They dropped anchor along the shores of Africa, kidnapped my breed, and forced my distant relatives to hunt…rats! What the—

Well, I’ll be. It says here that the Chinese renamed our breed. So maybe the story of Cresteds’ originating in China is half true.

There’s more! The Ancient Aztecs got a-hold of us and used us for bed warmers. No wonder Mum says I stick to her like a piece of Velcro.

Oh my. Those cannibals also ate us for breakfast, lunch, and supper!

Good thing I wasn’t born way back then. Can you imagine if the SPCA had been around? I’m sure those Aztecs would be thrown in jail—the lot of them. That’s what I call cruelty to animals!

Want to hear some info about my physical self?

Cool! I’m saving my emotional stuff for future stories. Hee hee!

Here’s me at three-weeks-old.

At birth, my nose was short and pink. And then, all of a sudden, my nose started growing longer, just like Pinocchio’s. Weird huh? And then my nose turned black. That’s weird too!

Here’s me at five-weeks-old.

I love wrapping my paws around anyone who’ll hold me.

Did you notice my head is wedge-shaped and that my muzzle tapers quite nicely into my cheeks?

In case you forgot, my eyes are the same color as Paul Newman’s—piercing blue. Bet you don’t see that every day. (Okay, huskies have blue eyes too. I’ll give them some credit.) Each time my photo is snapped, my eyes turn white, except for my bio pic at the top. I don’t get it.

My ears are floppy, but boy, they sure stand at attention when something catches my interest. Like Matilda—Mum’s wacky, marketing butterfly. I’m glad she’s gone on vacation.

I don’t bark, ever. I buff which means “pay attention.” Or I howl like a baby whale that’s been torn away from its mummy’s side.

My first day at home with Mum and Pop. I was eight-weeks-old.

My fur is quite fine with a thick, double coating. It’s supposed to be long, but my mum can’t stand the knots, so she insists the groomer shave me. No wonder I’m always cold. I’m half-naked! If she brushed me every day, we wouldn’t have a problem.

I don’t shed, so I make the perfect pet for people like Mum. She’s deathly allergic to most dogs and all cats.

Here’s me at two-years-old. Do you like my neck warmer?

My fur coat was white and apricot, but now it’s mostly white. Probably has something to do with hardly having any fur left. 🙁

I weighed 2 lbs. and 3 oz. after popping out of my birth mother’s tummy. Now I’m a hefty 8 lbs. My legs are very long, and are almost skinner than a stick.

I’m allergic to wool, lanolin, and lamb. Mum loves baby lambs. She loves almost all animals. 

I don’t have a B.O. I mean I don’t have a doggie odor. I don’t smell—period. Although, when I “try” to lick Mum’s face, she squeezes her nose and yells, “Pe-ew! Indy, your breath stinks!”

You won’t find any fleas on my sleek body. No sir! But ticks could be a problem, not that I’ve had any unwelcome guests come to visit. That would be quite icky.

I almost forgot to show you my sharp fangs. Don’t worry. I’m not a vampire, and I don’t bite!

Oh oh! Mum’s stirring. I’ve got to dash. She gets really grouchy if she can’t get to her laptop.


I added the next part before I typed my post just in case Mum woke up early.

I’m here to announce that not one, but two lucky winners will receive Sherry Ellis’ books That Momma is a Grouch! and That Baby Woke Me Up, Again! They are…Susanna Leonard Hill and Tina Cho! Yeah! 😀

Congratulations, Susanna and Tina! My mum will contact you.

And thanks, Sherry for the great interview, and your generosity!

Hope you leave Mum lots of nice comments. I haven’t figured out how to add my own Gravatar yet!

Since Matilda is away on vacation, it looks like I have to do her dirty work. But I love Mum, so I’m happy to do it.

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36 Responses

    • Hi Laura,
      I’m glad Indy entertained you. When I saw the photo of Indy that my friend snapped, I gasped and thought, Is that really my loveable pooch?

      Indy wants to be a star, so who knows. LOL 😀

  1. Indy,
    You are a cute dog. That’s great that you don’t shed or have B.O.! You must be easy to take care of. Wow, that’s neat I won some books. I’ll wait for your mom’s email. No hurry!

  2. Indy,
    I loved your post and photos. I especially like the top one. Is that the blanket your Mum knitted? It’s lovely! Your braided rug photo shows just how precious you are. I’m sure you bring hours of pleasure and it sounds like you make a good bed warmer. Have you had time to do any decorating for Christmas? Are you practicing how to sing “Jingle Bells?” Enjoy the holidays.

  3. TY Indy for sharing so much about your life and breed. You are not only smart but adorable too and I’m sorry that part of your history included a period of terrible abuse…
    Your mom is special; she let you touch her computer and write a post. I love my cat Tangy but he is not allowed near my laptop. He loves to lie across them and use them as bed warmers… can you believe that?
    Well, glad to hear more from you and just keep treating your mom with love and respect and, one day, she might let you have your own blog… I wonder what Matilda would say about that!!? 😆
    ElizOF recently posted..Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing SeasonsMy Profile

    • Hey Eliz, Indy here. Yes, wasn’t that abuse horrible! Maybe if Tangy lies across the back of the sofa like I do and not on your computer, he just may get to use your laptop.
      Hmm…my own blog? I know Matilda would flip.
      Thank you for the awesome comments about me too! Buff.

  4. When we brought home our Luna, she had blue eyes, and my husband was not-so-secretly hoping they’d stay that way. Unfortunately, they were only blue because she was so little, and they turned brown as she aged. We don’t love her any less of course, but those blue eyes sure were pretty!
    Marcy Kennedy recently posted..Are You Going to Watch The Hobbit?My Profile

    • Luna is a lovely name. She’s just like most newborns who’s eyes turn a different color. Aren’t pets wonderful? Thanks for chiming in, Marcy! 😀

  5. Indy,
    I loved the doggie tunes entertainment. Thanks for the motivation. My tree is now all decorated. Thanks also for putting in a good word for me with Santa. I hope you get all on your wish list too. Please tell your mum that the knitted blankie is exquisite. Can you bark all that? You might need a sip of water first.

    • Glad I motivated you, Linda! Please send mum a photo of your tree.
      All I want for Christmas is love, joy, and peace!
      Yeah, Mum’s blankie is lovely.
      No, I don’t bark at all. But I love to howl! 🙂

  6. Hello Tracy and Indy. You guys make a great team. Indy, I think you could steal everyone’s heart that comes across you. I am so thankful for your informative post.
    paulworthingtonjr recently posted..YOUR LIFEMy Profile

    • Hi Judy,
      Thank you so much for encouraging and inspiring me. What a wonderful idea you’ve planted for me. I’ve written it down and now I’ll have to see what I come up with! 😀

  7. Hi Indy
    You are one very talented wee canine. I love your toothy smile. It made me smile right back. I’m sure glad Tracy has you to stand guard over the homestead. Keep up the good work….and your secret posts are safe with me. I’ve been known to recruit accomplices from time to time.

    • Hi Terrol, Indy here. I’m grinning back again. Mum never has to worry about anyone stepping on the property. My howling alerts her. Good to know I’ve got a job if I ever need another one. Buff!

  8. I hope you continue to write Indy…I’m sure as long as you don’t get in Mom’s way, you’ll be fine…Just keep warming up her side of the bed and it’s amazing what you’ll be able to do…I think you are very photogenic…You are lucky to have such a wonderful Mom but you already know that…
    karenlee recently posted..‘JUST BECAUSE’…My Profile

  9. Hey! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!