Do You Want to Meet the World’s Ugliest Dog?

Do You Want to Meet the World’s Ugliest Dog?

My mum,—Tracy, tells me everyone loves animals, especially puppies. I hope that’s true because I am a puppy. Well, not really. I turned two-years-old on November 11th

Oops! Where are my manners? My name is Leanonme’s Indygo. That’s what my breeder, Miss. Jolanda, named me so she could sign me up with the Canadian Kennel Club. On my certificate of registration, my father’s name is listed as One in a Million Fantasy Island (Che) and my mother’s name is Defenatly Maby. My father sure has a super long name, and my mother should definitely change the spelling. Well, maybe?

My owners, Mum and Pop, insist on calling me Indy. Maybe it has something to do with me tearing through the yard like I’m racing around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I guess that’s why Pop stuck me in his boot. Pet owners are weird creatures.

Help! I’m stuck!

Do you want to know more about my breed?

Me too! So I figured out a way we can do that together, but you have to cross your heart and promise me you won’t tell my mum what I’m about to do.

Thanks for crossing your fingers and your toes!



Follow me as I pad up the stairs in our 1841 farmhouse. Pop glued down miniature braided rugs—blue, red, and…cream. I think those are the colors? I only see blue, yellow, and lots of different shades. Thanks to the carpet, no one can hear my nails clicking, not even my older brother Patches. He’s snoring.

I hop on the landing, hold my breath, and then perk up my ears. Mum and Pop are fast asleep. The only sound coming from their bedroom, or I should say their freezer, is the whirling fan standing guard near the doorway. Mum complains about something called hot flashes.

Poor Pop. He has to burrow under the duvet like a mole scurrying into a hole. Just his bristly salt-and-pepper moustache and his red nose peek out. Their room is even too cold for me, and I’m wrapped in my silky, apricot-colored fur coat.

I turn right, prance into Mum’s studio, and jump on her chair. I need to hurry. It’s almost dawn. I can’t afford to get caught. I’m always getting scolded for something. Like when I chewed Mum’s favorite chair. The hole is bigger than a baseball. Hee hee.

That was Mum’s favorite chair.

I stand on my hind legs, flip open the laptop, and smack the space bar with my right paw. The internet pops up. I grin. Having night vision means I won’t have to switch on Mum’s stained-glass lamp.

The article I’m reading says that, during the rule of the Han dynasty in 100 B.C., China was the breeding ground for the very first Chinese Crested Powder Puff. A dam can pop out a hairless and a powder puff all from the same litter. The hairless gene is dominant.

My two sisters were hairless pups, so that means I’m rare and special. Excuse me I need to lick my fur.

That’s my sister,–Latte. She’s a hairless crested.

The article also states I’m unique due to spontaneous genetic mutations—. What? I’m a genetic mutation?

Oh my! Who’s that?

Officially 2012 World’s Ugliest Dog International megastar!

Get a load of those beady eyes and prickly white whiskers. This past June, Mugly beat out 28 ugly dogs from around the world. Imagine that! He even earned a title—Officially 2012 World’s Ugliest Dog International megastar. Just think, somewhere down the line, I’m related to…to this ugly, hairless creature.

Oops-a-daisy! It’s not nice to make fun of others. I should send him a quick email. In case you’re wondering, I’m typing with a blue font to match my piercing, Paul Newman-blue eyes.

Dear International Megastar,

Congratulations on being the world’s ugliest dog.

I’m typing a post on my mum’s blog, and I told her readers you are one ugly dog. But…I’ve changed my mind. You’re rather cute! So I’m emailing to ask for your forgiveness.



P.S. I may be your long, lost cousin.

I hope he answers my email.

Wait! Mugly’s responded!

Hiya Indy,

Mugly here. No need to apologize chap. I am ugly and proud of it!

Did you know I’m a huge star over here in the U.K.?



Dear Mugly,

Thank you for accepting my apology.

Can you ask your mother, Bev Nicholson, to send me proof? I don’t believe everything I read.

Yours truly,


Hiya mate,

My mother has granted your wish.

I’ve attached a photo. I’m the one wearing the diamond-studded bow-tie. Isn’t it smashing?

Cheers then,


P.S. You can call me Ugly-Mugly.

My mother and I appeared with Donny Osmond on “This Morning’s The Hub.”

Dear Ugly-Mugly,

I’m drooling over your dazzling bow-tie! And if that photo is for real, my mum’s going to flip when she learns that Donny Osmond pet you! But I still need more proof.



P.S. I hope to be famous like you one day!

Hiya mate,

Here’s the proof you’re after. Just watch the You Tube video, and then let me know what you think about Donny Osmond singing Puppy Love to me!

So mate, are you a believer now?



P.S. Maybe if you hang out with me, you will be famous one day!

Dear Ugly-Mugly,

Hokey Dinah! I’m a believer! Wait a minute. That’s the title to a Beatles song.

Anyway, when Mum was a teenager, she plastered Donny’s posters all over her bedroom walls. And after she views your cool video, she’s going to kick up her heels and perform her happy dance around the family room.

Oh oh! My dog senses are tingling. I have a strange feeling I’ll be spending time in the dog house.

Bye for now,


P.S. Please thank your mother for me!

Oh no! I wanted to tell you more about me and to reveal a special page called Fur Babies, but I hear footsteps.

Run everyone!


Hello, people!

Tracy’s Bee-u-ti-ful Blog Butterfly

I’m ba-ack! It’s me—Matilda.

Indy’s gone into hidin’, so I’ll wrap this up. Puh-leeze, address your comments to Indy or me. And remember, Tracy has no clue what’s going on.

And Ms. Nicholson, thank you for allowing Indy to post Mugly’s mug shots, and for the super video!

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35 Responses

  1. Ready Indy? And they called it puppy love.  Who didn’t see that one coming?  Do you think D’Oz was making fun of him? I hope not. Anyway, it was  nice story. And thanks for the background on your family. Certainly was interesting.

    • Everyone takes to a Crested. You just have to meet one. Okay, okay. Mugly does have a face only his momma could love. Thanks for the terrific comments, Marylin. 😀

  2. Seems like that old farmhouse comes alive at night. Thanks for the secret tour Indie….one day, I’d love to come for a visit. In the meantime, stay out of trouble. You and Matilda make a terrific pair.

    • Me, stay out of trouble. Never. That’s why I was born.
      Love Indy! Come for a visit sometime, we can get into lots of trouble.

      Thanks Terrol, for your terrific comments! 😀

    • It sounds like Indy made you laugh. Ah, Donny Osmond.
      If you ever get a chance to be around a crested, their ugly faces disappear, and I guarantee you’d fall in love. LOL 😀

    • Judy, thank you so much for your comments. Glad you enjoyed the video, and the P.O.V. voices. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.
      Donny Osmond is easy on the eyes, that’s for sure! LOL

  3. Nice to meet you, Indy. I look forward to the day you learn to create your own gravatar. You can do it. You have created email and posted with us. The sky’s the limit.

    Linda Andersen

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    • Thank you very much for your kind comments. I hope you’ll sign up on my blog so you won’t miss any posts.
      I have a wonderful web gal who helped implement my ideas. 🙂