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Tracy Campbell’s Published Artwork

The Way of Love

The Way of Love

It’s easy to tell someone I love them, but do I always show love? Not as often as I should. Yikes!

I’m reminded of a phone call I received. The stranger at the other end had a tiny voice. I strained to listen. I grew agitated because I had to keep saying, “pardon me.”  I’m sure she heard the edge in my voice.

After I hung up I realized maybe I didn’t hear her because I’m losing my hearing (I hope not). I didn’t show love that day, instead I let “self” run the show.

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Three Reasons to Celebrate November 11th

Three Reasons to Celebrate November 11th

Hi folks! Indy here.


Today is my second birthday. That’s the first reason everyone should celebrate. Not only was I born on November 11, I was also born in 2011. Yahowl!

My first day in my new home. I'm eight-weeks-old.

My first day in my new home. I’m eight-weeks-old.

Isn’t that the cutest fur baby you’ve ever laid eyes on?

But the most important reason we should celebrate today is because it’s Remembrance DayYahowl! That’s a big howling thank you to Canadian veterans and to all Canadian military persons who still serve to protect and defend our great country. Continue reading “Three Reasons to Celebrate November 11th” »

The Making of An Artist

The Making of An Artist

Hello, people!


Marvelous Marketing Maven


I escaped from my mason jar, and I’m ba-ack! And I’m ticked! If Tracy was around, I’d smack her upside the head with my watering can.

Do you want to know why? I’m gonna tell you why.

Today, Tracy is a featured artist over at that talented author and illustrator’s blog—Kathy Temean. But out of the thirty plus masterpieces being showcased, my be-ee-a-u-ti-ful mug shot isn’t on display. The rinky-dink illustration of me on this banner doesn’t count. Continue reading “The Making of An Artist” »

Poetry or Prose Contest – Happy Birthday! You’re One

Poetry or Prose Contest – Happy Birthday! You’re One

Susanna Leonard Hill, a published children’s author, is running a contest. The rules stipulate that entrants write a children’s story about a very creative and/or unique birthday celebration in 300 words or less in either poetry or prose. The entry must be posted on their blog between Saturday, May 19th, and Tuesday, May 22, 2012. Continue reading “Poetry or Prose Contest – Happy Birthday! You’re One” »

Tracy’s Published Designs – Finally Updated

Tracy’s Published Designs – Finally Updated



Today’s post is short and sweet.

I’ve added two tabs at the top of my blog–“Published “How To Paint” Articles” and “Published Designs”.

I’ve also shared my story of how God opened doors. And I’ve showcased some of my published designs.

If you like what you see, leave a gentle comment or two and sign up to follow my blog.

Thanks for reading.