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Oh no! What’s My Blog Butterfly Been Up To?

Oh no! What’s My Blog Butterfly Been Up To?

Hello, people!



I’m ba-ack! For those of you who are new to Tracy’s blog, I’m Matilda—Tracy’s marvelous marketing maven.

I’m scratching my left antenna. Hmm…where should I start? Aha! At the beginning, of course.

Tracy’s self-conscious about tooting her own horn, so I flapped my wings and flew to the rescue.

Let me draw your attention to Tracy’s sidebar. Yeah, I know, hardly anyone glances in that direction, but puh-leeze humor me.

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Are You Interested in a Sneak Preview?

Are You Interested in a Sneak Preview?

Coming soon to a screen near you!

Hello, people!

Tracy’s Marketing Maven

I’m ba-ack! It’s me—Matilda.

Are you glad fall has arrived?

I don’t know about you, but I sure am. My antennae are not just twitchin’—they’re spinnin’. For the next six months, I won’t have to yank weeds, lug this watering can around, or scrape the dirt from under my fingernails. 

I’ve already booked a manicure, and then I’ll devote all my time to Tracy’s marketing. Yeah!

Do ya remember that secret project I was telling you about?—

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Do You Have A Marketing Maven?

Do You Have A Marketing Maven?

 Hello, people!

Marketing Maven

I’m ba…ack! It’s me—Matilda. Tracy Campbell’s bee-u-ti-ful blog butterfly.

In case you’re wondering why the font is purple, it’s because I hate the black font Tracy uses whenever it’s my turn to talk, and it matches bee-u-ti-fully with my dress.

Before I tell you why I’m here today, I heard a rumor that one or two of you actually raced over here to visit Tracy’s super-duper blog.

Well, let me set the record straight. It’s “our” super-duper blog, and whether you like it or not I AM HERE TO STAY! 

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