Do You Want to Know What All the Buzzzzzzzz is About?

Do You Want to Know What All the Buzzzzzzzz is About?

A while back, children’s author Sherry Ellis featured fellow children’s author Virginia Wright on her blog. So, of course, when Sherry announced that one lucky commenter could win Virginia’s FREE book, The Christmas Secret: Mikey’s Story, I jumped right in.

And guess what? I won! Yay!

Okay, so I don’t know if I won because of my brilliant comment or because Virginia felt sorry for me. But who cares?

Virginia promptly mailed me a copy of this delightful book about a boy named Mikey.

“Mikey loves everything about Christmas except one thing—deciding what gift he wants. As Christmas nears he frantically flips the pages of his mother’s department store catalogs, looking for a toy that he wants most. Turning to his best friend Charlie for ideas, he finally finds the answer. But will he get what he wants this year?”

I know Christmas has come and gone, but there’s more to this story.

The envelope arrived—devoid of any contents.

Was this a joke?

Upon closer inspection, I discovered a thief had carefully peeled open the bottom of the envelope and then resealed it. That’s right, Scrooge stole my book!

After I vented to my hubby (I was a Mexican jumping bean), I gulped, knowing I had to tell Virginia.

What would she think? That I really had the book and just wanted another free copy?

Then my stomach flipped twice when Virginia informed me she’d also included a few of her vintage postcards. The last of her vintage postcards!

Virginia graciously sent me another free copy of The Christmas Secret: Mikey’s Story and it arrived on Christmas Eve. How cool is that?

That’s when I decided you needed to read all about this giving author, Virginia Wright.


Virginia Wright, b. 1958 in Belfast, Maine, was raised in the coastal town of Belfast throughout her childhood and into her teen years. Virginia is the author and illustrator of the children’s books The Princess and the Castle, The Prince and the Dragon, Crying Bear, and The Christmas Secret, as well as the educational, non-fiction book Buzzzzzzzz…What Honeybees Do. Virginia first became a published author in 1981, when she sold her first writing to a regional magazine in the state of Maine. She also had several of her writings published in an anthology, Soundings, by the Poetry Fellowship of Maine. She was quoted as saying, “When I am not spending time with my husband, watering my vegetable and herb gardens, canning, or cooking, I spend of my time doing what I enjoy doing most—writing.”

Let’s begin, Virginia.

When did you start writing?

Writing has been a part of me since I was a little girl. Back then, I would sit on the veranda of my parents’ home, with my pen and pad in hand. I wrote haikus and poetry mostly as a young girl. Over the years, I’ve written health and nutrition articles, and opinion articles, and lately my love of words has been focused on children’s writing. I’ve also written four children’s book, followed by my non-fiction book, Buzzzzzzzz…What Honeybees Do.

After reading your interesting, easy-to-understand book, now I know what all the buzz is about, but can you enlighten my readers?

Yes, Tracy. I’d be happy to.

Honeybees are amazing creatures, for they are insects that provide us with the golden sweet food known as honey. By reading this very interesting, easy-to-understand story, you’ll learn the basics about honeybees, as well as where and how they live.


Do all honeybees sting? What do they do with the pollen? Are bees in trouble? How do they make honey? What can we do to help the bees?

You will find these answers and more in Buzzzzzzzz…What Honeybees Do. Real photographs inside the book get you up close and personal with our greatest pollinator, the honeybee, including one of a bee’s tongue.

Where did you get the idea for Buzzzzzzzz…What Honeybees Do?

My husband, Dave Wright, and I are natural beekeepers. Our granddaughter Abigail visited our home one summer, and Dave suited her up and took her to the bee yard. Afterwards, she had so many questions about the honeybees, I decided to write Buzzzzzzzz…What Honeybees Do.

The color photographs really add to your book. I think your book will appeal to the young-at-heart like me. But who is your ideal target audience?

Originally, my target audience was for older children—fourth graders. However, I soon found out, as did you, that my book was not only for children. That’s what makes Buzzzzzzzz…What Honeybees Do unique, and I started receiving messages and reviews from adults who were learning from this book. Because of that, I no longer classify Buzzzzzzzz…What Honeybees Do as just a children’s book.

You’ve written picture books as well. Do you prefer one over the other?

I love writing, as well as illustrating, and a big hobby of mine is nature photography. For me, fantasy and non-fiction are both equally satisfying.

As a self-published author, what encouraging words would you pass on to unpublished writers?

In 1981, I was traditionally published. However, self-publishing gives a writer-illustrator so much freedom to write, market, and say what they feel readers will enjoy. That the freedom is worth the journey of self-publishing. Either way, it’s a great deal of work for the writer. The best bit of advice or encouragement I would give to unpublished writers is to never give up, hold on to their dream, and use that as their guiding light!

Besides selling fun merchandise on Zazzle and offering recipes for foodie viewers, are you working on another book or project?

Do you hear me laughing? Many projects are in the works, and I have a cedar chest of things I’ve written over the years. Plus, I’m always thinking of new stories that want to see the light of day. I have three particular projects planned for the next couple of years. I will share one of them with you and your readers…

The working title of my next book that I’ve been contemplating, but I believe I’m going with, is Douglas the Friendly Dragon. The idea came from writing a book in 2010—The Princess and the Castle. I wrote the book for my granddaughter Elisabeth because princesses, castles, and the like fascinate her. She wanted me to write her a story, and I couldn’t think of any better idea than to create a story about a princess. In this book, I created characters that I could continue with in companion books. The dragon character in Douglas the Friendly Dragon showed up in The Prince and the Dragon. Therefore, the next logical step is to write a story about the dragon, just as I’ve written one about the princess and the prince.

Where can readers find your books?

You can find my books, written by me, Virginia Wright, online at, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, most online retail bookstores, and many independent bookstores.

Thank you, Virginia! It was great learning so much more about you and your journey as a writer.

Okay everyone, I hope you’ll follow up because you’ll be able to order autographed copies of Virginia Wright’s Buzzzzzzzz…What Honeybees Do when you email For the subject line, just type “Book Order.”

You can keep tabs on Virginia by following her blog, tweeting on Twitter, liking on Facebook, and circling on Google+.

Please leave Virginia very nice comments and you too could win Buzzzzzzzz…What Honeybees Do.

I almost forgot. I’ll announce one lucky winner on my next blog post—the one slated for next Saturday, March 2nd, 2013.

Thanks for buzzing in!

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64 Responses

  1. Tracy, that’s horrible someone stole the book and postcards. But great that Virginia gave you another copy. Thanks for sharing this interview. Bees are always fascinating, aren’t they?

  2. As a firm believer that ‘things happen for a reason’, it sounds like you have made a new friend, and we can always use one of those………….that’s really “What the BUZZZZZZZZ is all about!”

  3. would love to win that book thank you the chance now going to finish reading and click on the flower and go into whimsicial shop. an I still can’t understand why someone would steal your book that is awful. thank you for this chance Karen at an to those that like to steal just do as the rest of take your chance to win.

    • Aw! Karen, I agree that it was terrible for someone to have stolen the book I sent Tracy. I felt badly when I heard she didn’t get anything but an empty envelope. Thank you for stopping by Tracy’s blog for the interview.

  4. Thank you for such a wonderful interview with Virginia Wright!!!! I have had the pleasure of reading The Christmas Secret which is such a great story/story line/purposeful ending! As children we tried to avoid bees because of not wanting to get stung! As an adult, I feel this book would give such an appreciation to this little being for what they provide. I can’t wait until spring and see the first bee!!!! I think I will want to smile!

    • Karen, I am so happy you enjoyed The Christmas Secret. I agree with you on getting excited about seeing the first bee in the spring. I love photographing the honeybees. When I was a kid I was scared of bees. As an adult I have great appreciation for them! -Virginia

    • Hi Karen.
      It was my pleasure to interview Virginia. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. And The Christmas Secret is equally good with a great twist at the end. I was stung a few times as a child. One time while skipping through a patch of clover in bare feet. That’s what I got for not wearing shoes. 🙂

  5. Tracy,

    I’m so happy that the thief didn’t get the second book I sent you. The thought didn’t cross my mind that you were just scamming for another book, honest!

    Thank you for inviting me over to your blog, it is marvelous!


    • Phew! I’m happy the second book didn’t lose it’s way. And I’m glad the thought didn’t cross your mind.
      Virginia, thanks so much for chiming in today and I thoroughly enjoyed having you on my blog today. So glad we’ve met.

  6. Hi. I want to tell both Tracy and Virginia that I thought this was a wonderful interview! I have been grateful to see work from both of you! You are both talented ladies! I know I would love to get the book! I live in the country and have thought about starting a hive of my own. (I love honey!) This book just might come in handy! Thank you again for the interview!

    • Very “sweet” comments, Jodi. Even sweeter than honey. You’ll have to let Virginia and I know when you start a hive of own your. Virginia’s book would certainly be a great reference book.

    • Hi Jodi, I love honey too! Yummy. Being a caretaker of the honeybees would be awesome! You will have to keep me updated. I’m so glad you enjoyed the interview. -Virginia

  7. Tracy, I have enjoyed reading your interview with Virginia! It is so fun to learn how writing has become such a positive part of your lives. I love your book, Virginia “the Christmas Story” so much and for me it is not just to be read during the Christmas time, it trully is “an anytime-of-the-year great read”! I would love to read Bzzzzzzz, What Honey Bees Do. It would be fun to learn all about their wonderful creative job! And so exciting for you when and while you were writing it!!!

    • Hi Kathy,
      It appears you comment ended up in my spam folder. So I’m sorry for the delay in getting your awesome comment up.
      I know Virginia will love it! 🙂

  8. What a wonderful interview… Now that Virginia mentioned it, I’m curious to see the picture of a bee’s tongue in the book! Tracy, did you file a complaint with your local Post Office? I hope you did because what you described should be brought to their attention… Thanks again for this one! 🙂
    ElizOF recently posted..Weekly Photo Challenge: ForwardMy Profile

    • I am glad I piqued your interest, Eliz, about what a honeybees tongue looks like! Taking photographs of insects and other nature is one of my favorite activities to do besides writing.

  9. What a great interview, Tracy! Thanks so much for sharing this fun book with us.
    Virginia…your books are wonderful…I love that you decided to self-publish (for the freedom and other reasons)even though you had been traditionally published at first. I think many authors are opting for self-publishing these days…and it really helps to hear from those who have done it already. They always say we should write about what we know…beekeeping in Maine…that is AWESOME!

    • Thank you, Vivian. The first time I ever saw a beehive swarm was when we were in our Ohio home, I was truly fascinated. This past summer, I experienced a swarm in a whole different manner in Maine. When we knew the honeybees were about to swarm I grabbed my camera, by the time I got outside I stood among the cyclonic action of the honeybees and snapped photographs of what was going on. I wasn’t scared, it was very peaceful, and the honeybees were all around myself, and my husband, Dave, as I snapped the photos. It was truly what I call, one with nature!

    • Virginia was a pleasure to interview. Your comments regarding self-publishing is bang on and as you know, hearing from authors who have self-published tells writers this is a viable vehicle. Thanks, Vivian! 🙂

  10. I don’t need to be put in the mix for winning a free book as I already own all of Virginia Wright’s books. I am a fan and bought two copies of the Christmas Secret, one for my three year old grandson and one for me.

    I loved Tracy’s story of the book theif and Virginia’s response. I knew as I was reading it that THAT is how it would play out. Virginia is much like her characters….very giving.

    • Hi Denis,
      Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and letting me know you have all of Virginia’s wonderful books. She is a very generous person and that will come back two-fold.
      Have a wonderful week,

    • Thank you for stopping by Tracy’s blog to check out my interview,Dennis. You make me blush with such a generous comment. Also many thanks for purchasing ALL my books; you are an awesome writer, so I feel honored!

  11. Good morning! I am truly overwhelmed with all the wonderful comments in response to my interview. Many thanks to Tracy’s viewers!

    Thank you for opening your door of hospitality to me, Tracy. Greatly appreciated!

    -Virginia Wright

    • That was rude that the book came up missing, Catherine. However, I suspect the thief expected something other than a child’s book was in the envelope, such as money. No matter, since they took it, I hope they enjoyed it!

  12. Beautiful interview Tracy! I am saddened there was a thief. However, they cannot take this away and your new cards! I am allergic to wasps. Just found out this year after being stung gardening; and my children are grown ups! Who knew? I love reading about honeybees. There is recent news on the lessening of bees globally. We need them. This book is definitely for everyone!!
    petit4chocolatier recently posted..Blueberry & Lemon Thyme Cupcakes, Cream Cheese and Buttery Blueberry Preserves Icing, Topped with a Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberry AcaiMy Profile

    • There are a lot of people allergic to bee stings. I find that I have more of a reaction to wasps, than honeybees. However, I have only been stung one time by a honeybee and that was when I was walking down the hill and I happened to get in the path of one of the girls.

  13. It was so nice reading what everyone had to say, I love books and can’t wait til I can read about the bee’s they don’t like me but we need them for the flowers and fruits an such. Everyone keep the books coming. Thank you all for sharing what you write. again thank you from Karen at