Book Review – White Collar Skid Row

Book Review – White Collar Skid Row

In January, I signed up with BookCrash. A free book to review, enticed me. “Free” being the operative word. But nothing is free. There’s a price to pay. I promised to provide an “honest” review for “White Collar Skid Row”, a true story written by Melissa Ann Bell.

So I’ll jump right in. The front cover and the title captured my attention. The back blurb intrigued me.

“Think it Can’t Happen to You? Melissa’s faith was strong; she knew she could never fall for the wrong guy. But when she met a charming doctor who was in rehab for alcoholism, their love challenged all she believed to be true about herself.”

The book is the account one woman’s transformation from caregiver to enabler, and her desperate attempts to control her husband’s dysfunctional behavior. This book may appeal to others dealing with a spouse addicted to drugs and alcohol. It makes one realize you can’t change someone’s behavior. They have to want change. The dialogue was realistic and projected a Christian viewpoint.

Melissa Ann Bell’s compassion for her family and her husband was admirable. I commend this author for sharing her story and her faith. And anyone that lives within the confines of a dysfunctional marriage for 25 years deserves two gold medals.

However, the font was small. The margins were only a quarter-inch. This could have easily been a 500 page book. When I’m engrossed in a good book, I can finish it in six hours. This one took six weeks.

I didn’t find the story gripping. She “told” her story rather than “showing” me what took place. There were sections that appealed to me. But when I started to picture an event unfolding–poof, I was transported elsewhere. There were issues with sentence structure and punctuation.

The epilogue tied up the ends. I would have preferred a condensed version.

To comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s regulations, I must mention that the publisher provided me with a complimentary copy of the book through BookCrash.

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