Usually, when I think about gifting something to someone I think of a wrapped gift.

While drawing my “gifting” piece, my thoughts twisted ‘round to what it means to offer or receive a gift of forgiveness.

Little did I know that a day after I finished my Creative Tuesdays’ art that I would be the one receiving a gift of forgiveness.

Here’s the condensed version on what transpired.

“Bridle your anger, trash your wrath, cool your pipes—it only makes things worse.”

Psalm 37:8a – The Message (MSG)

If only I had read that verse before I opened my big mouth trap.

When I arrived home, the door of my heart was nudged, okay, it felt more like a poke. “Tracy, you owe him an apology.”

My pride roared like a lion. “No, he’ll get over it.”

After marching into my studio, I stared down at the two words I’d painted the day before—forgive me.


Tracy Campbell’s Creation – A Gift of Forgiveness

I smacked my forehead. Oh, oh, looks like I need to apologize.

Feeling like a mouse louse, I gulped, and then picked up the phone.


I received a much-needed gift of forgiveness not only from the person I offended, but from my Father in heaven. I hate to admit this, but I often need a nudge or a poke to remind me of the importance of forgiving others.

“If you forgive others for the wrongs they do to you, your Father in heaven will forgive you.”

Matthew 6:14 – Contemporary English Version (CEV)

And as Creative Tuesdays’ theme is about gifting something that brings joy to the giver and the receiver, I want to thank two ladies, Wendy L. Macdonald and Lucy Samuels, for blessing me with their photography gifts which inspired today’s creation—“A Gift of Forgiveness”.

Wendy L. Macdonald is a gifted writer, poet, and nature lover who also enjoys expressing herself through photography. Please visit Wendy’s inspiring blog. She has offered up tips on “The Secret to Drying Hydrangea’s for an Indoor Display”.


Wendy L. Macdonald’s Creation – A Lacecap Hydrangea

Lucy Samuels is a gifted baker.

Lacecap Hydrangea Cookie Created by Lucy Samuels - Copyright Photo for Blog - Sept. 2015 (1)

Lucy Samuels’s Creation – A Lacecap Hydrangea Cookie

If you love to bake, Lucy has posted a yummy Lacecap Hydrangea cookie recipe.


It’s time to hop on over to Creative Tuesdays’ blog and cast your gaze on all the art created by gifted artists.


By the way, do you find it difficult to ask for forgiveness? And/or do you find it difficult to forgive others?

Have a marvelous day,


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“A GIFT OF FORGIVENESS –CREATIVE TUESDAYS” first appeared on Tracy Campbell’s blog.

39 Responses

    • Thanks, Catherine. Oh yes, forgiving others is hard to do at times. All we can do is keep on forgiving. Forgiveness also keeps us from becoming bitter. Have a wonderful day! 😀

  1. What a terrific post and a great lesson too! As for your art, I love the pretty girl with fluid movement in her legs, the giant cookie like your friend’s homemade ones, the stump that reminds me of a cupcake, the adorable wildlife–everything!

    Best of all–Applying this lesson to your life. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    • Linda, now that you mention that the stump reminded you of a cupcake, I see it now. So happy you liked the illustration. These type of life lessons only make us stronger. 😀

      • Linda, it’s me again. Thank you so much for linking this blog post and my Whimsical Shop on your post this morning. And for encouraging me to make more greeting cards. 😀

  2. “I am forgiven. God forgives me.”

    Sometimes we don’t know how to forgive ourselves. When we can forgive ourselves, it’s easier to forgive others.

    When I was teaching kindergarten, a teacher friend of mine said the simplest thing to do when you hurt someone else is to say, “I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?”

    It’s amazing how well that works. But before we can say that, we have to be willing to accept that they could say, “NO, I WON’T FORGIVE YOU.”

    In that case, we would say to ourselves, if God is happy with us, we don’t have to worry about anyone else.

    Have a great day and rejoice in the lovely lady that you are and a good role model for us.

    Love, Joan

    • I so agree, Joan, that we need to forgive ourselves first,
      and I’m glad that you mentioned we are not responsible for how others react. Our responsibility is to ask for forgiveness and with sincerity of course. I too am always forgiven by God when I admit my wrong doings.

  3. Oh I love your sense of humour but also humility in knowing that God was talking to you. To ask forgiveness and receive it as a gift is wonderful. Isn’t it fantastic the way Scripture can speak to us – remind us, teach us and inspire us?
    Blessings and lovely picture,
    Janis Cox recently posted..Creative Tuesdays – The Greatest GiftMy Profile

  4. Tracy, what a sweet post. The mouse is priceless, and so is your friendship. Yes, I also need reminders to forgive as I have been forgiven. It helps if I assume others are good-willed (unless it’s obvious they’re not). Everyone needs grace and a second chance to get it right. I know I sure do.
    Thank you, dear friend, for the mention and the link. <3
    Blessings & hugs ~ Wendy

    • Wendy, I also thought of you and our online friendship as I drew that picture. Did you notice the shape of the hair…that was supposed to be your hair? Hee hee. We all need reminders and it’s important to offer grace 7 times 7 times to infinity…although not always easy to do. And you’re most welcome for the mention and the link. Without your Lacecap Hydrangea I wouldn’t have come up with the illustration. 🙂

  5. Forgiveness is definitely a gift that is hard to give, and to receive, depending on what has happened. I love your characters in this illustration! And the bite out of the cookie is a great touch. Love it <3

  6. A very fitting sweet piece and, importantly, response too! Yes, Frogiveness is the greatest gift we can ever receive, I think. It means it’s purely out of our control and yet given anyway. I think too that alot of people say they believe in it but so few, when the rubber meets the road, really practice it, embracing all that entails. We would rather keep it some ethereal lofty notion to prescribe too than put flesh on it and live it ourselves as its so easy in our fallen nature to justify our own folly as someone ok.

    Thank you for your thoughtful contribution, Tracy! Good luck in the drawing.
    Michael recently posted..GIFTING sign up & surprize drawingMy Profile

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    • Thank you so very much, Wendy for the sharing my link on your newest blog post this morning. My friend Linda Andersen did as well. I am truly blessed. Thank you. 🙂